Friday, December 23, 2011

All I Want For Christmas is…. Good Question

Christmas is in less than 2 days! Being literally my favorite day of the year, I installed and routinely been checking countdown since mid-summer.
As cheesy as it sounds I like to abide by the cliché of ‘Christmas not being about gifts’. 
Although we’re all aware, that the gifts still come… which I wouldn’t say I’m SO opposed to.

It’s the perfect time to ask for that one thing you have wished to get, for so long.
Every year I have managed to take advantage of this concept by overemphasizing my desire, generally for some bag or shoe. 
Unfortunately this year, I cannot think of a distinct thing that I want. 
But I have some ideas:

1. Velvet
One Teaspoon- Velvet Blazer
As i repeatedly have ranted on about this one, sadly i cannot find a website to order it from.
But i would LOVE to find a colored-velvet blazer under the tree.  

Crushed Velvet Leggings
I have wanted velvet leggings for a while now.
i love the practicality of leggings although i do not like leggings themselves.
So i find velvet leggings to be the perfect balance.
I really enjoy this royal blue color.  it reminds me of something from the medieval times or some era similar.
like some sort of item you would see worn in a Shakespeare play or something.... love it. 
Black Velvet- Lita's
Yup, my obsession for Lita's never really departed.
The black velvet ones have been on my wish-list for a long time. 
2. Leather; pants in particular. although I'm really drawn to leather shirts as well. 

Color- Fig

Current Elliot- The Leather Ankle Skinny Jeans

3. Something Jewelled. 
Of course anything that is nicely jewelled would be ridiculously pricey, thats why this is called my "wish" list... ha

Balmain- Silk Stripe Sequin Dress
You may potentially be aware that i LOVE Balmain. I think every piece he creates is genius.
Christian Louboutin- Maralena Ankle Boot
I have always wanted a pair of shoes like these. I find them so elegant.      
Jimmy Choo- Mesh and Suade Platform Bootie
... imagine those under the tree.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


While doing some immense adjustments on my closet I attained some great realization...
Strategically, I stripped it of all clothing I no longer wear, or even better, no longer will allow myself to wear, and replaced it with items you most likely wouldn’t find in many other closets. The clothing I once desired to wear are the things I am now forced to wear, seeing as they are the only items that occupy my closet, post clean out.
During the process, I was curious when noticing how my closet is dominated by white T-shirts and other basics that frankly, I don’t enjoy wearing. When leaving my house in a white t-shirt and jeans I get zero satisfaction out of what I am wearing, so why have 67 duplicates of both? Seems illogical.
Basically in attempt to sum up the meaning of the jumble of words above, I realized that diversity is key to a great wardrobe and being able to dress well. The easiest way to do so is by eliminating the things in your wardrobe you no longer wish to wear. Like 66 of those white T-shirts (not all 67, because you’ll eventually want one to wear, every now and then…)

I find it comical that I am writing this as I’m gazing at my shelf of pants, which is such a prime example of me taking this ‘diversity’ too far. Consisting of, pink (peach-ish), silver, beige cords, grey/white ripped tie die and burgundy with leather patches. Its quite the range.
The only blue jeans I brought on vacation with me are the jbrand jeans that graduate to that wet, plastic-y-ness at the bottom.

I was unsure of what pictures to post, because for the pictures to represent what I'm talking about there will be a countless amount of them. Seeing as this post is on the verge of being a novel, i thought i'd just post a few picture of things i like. Although, they are all still 'diverse' in themselves. 

One Teaspoon- Velvet Blazer
I've been attempting to order this for way too long now, its nearly depressing how incapable i am of finding this on the internet. 
Rumi- Fashiontoast
Rag and Bone- Button up shirt
Been meaning to include this in a blog post for a while.
I find it strangely appealing how this shirt reminds me of a chef's coat, and in no way was that an insult (to the shirt).
CÉLINE- Black Polished Cady Bonded Block A-Line Dress
Spring 2012 Collection.
Once again i sneak in some sort of commentary on CÉLINE. Too good.
I love sheer dresses lately, Very inclined to buying one, sometime soon... 
Chloé- Coat in Double Crepe Wool
Spring 2012 Collection.
The structure of the coat is great, The pinned shoulders and loosely fitted sleeves works really nicely. 
Camilla Belle- Vogue 10 Best Dressed list.
Oscar de la Renta Dress.
Its so out there with all those little tassels, but it works, so well.
I literally spoke out loud to myself when i saw this... ha.. 
One Teaspoon- Georgia Chiffon Cape
I'd love to see someone wearing this, better yet, to wear it myself.
No sarcasm intended. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Feeling Festive

After returning home from one of my last nights spent in the city, before embarking on my longed for Christmas vacation. Quite frankly I have a desperate urge to blog, at this time in the morning. While snuggling up in my duvet being clothed in my lovely reindeer pajamas with a desire to be festive, (possibly in response to my ‘wild’ party tonight that managed to transform into people singing Christmas carols while gathered around a tree) I feel the need to share the festivity.

Sweaters; warm, cozy, classic, sweaters. I find every year once the snow is no longer present, the relationship between sweaters and I find some serious closure.  And then just like routine, once the snow returns and as does the chilly-ness, my collection of sweaters is brought right back out. Currently in this state of mind, I wonder why not wear a simple sweater every once in a while. When paired with the right outfit, people would never actually be able to tell the comfort you’re feeling in your outfit, for once…

For some ideas, Theory, Vince and One Teaspoon make great sweaters. And there are so many great styles as well; long, cropped, oversized, striped, uneven hem and cardigans, to name a few,.

Actually tonight I wore my gold J-Crew Cardigan over my silk, half lace, lingerie looking shirt I scored at value village,  and in my opinion, I thought it looked pretty sharp.

Free People- Laguna Coast V-Neck Pullover
I actually own this one, for some odd reason the picture doesn't seem fully accurate looking to me.
But this is a great sweater to just throw on, its sufficiently oversized for. 

Free People- Speckled Ribbed Pullover
Love the color blend of this. 
Theory- Chunky Silk Hadar
Great colors and patterning, suitable for the occasion of festivities. 
Vince- Chunky Sweater
This sweater literally is a representation of the word 'chunky'. Although it is not stiff, it fits well and typically comes across as quite flattering.
I'd just like to add, i apologize for the rushed-ness of this blog post, my eyes are struggling to stay open as i write this, considering it is 2 in the morning. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Flashy Legs

The relatively new Intermix store in downtown Toronto hosted a party with FLARE magazine Thursday night. The holiday sale, makeup forever makeovers, picture taking and being surrounded by SO many well dressed people, was quite a fine way to spend 2 hours. Plus, it gave me the perfect reason to test out my news shoes.

Indecisive when choosing the one thing I’d buy I eventually saw a pair of Silver (yes, you read that correctly) Rag and Bone pants that I recall in previous blog posts stating “I need those in my closet.”

The fact I happened to be wearing my black mysteriously high wasted Rag and Bone jeans at the moment was no coincidence. Goes to show how much I ADORE the pants Rag and Bone creates. Even though its perplexing that when I wear them they manage to somehow sit higher up on my waste than the time before, at the moment, I couldn’t name any other brand of pants that are comparable, as far as the fit goes.

But without ranting my way further off topic, I was saying how luckily I was wearing my Rag and Bone pants so there was no trying on needed. The next about 30 seconds consisted of me running to the rack, being rather too jubilant when seeing they had my size, Bolting over to the cash and paying, before anyone could come between me and my pants… ha.

Without hesitation, i threw them on the next morning. Once I got past feeling like an astronaut its actually very amusing to strut around downtown with such Flashy Legs.

Rumi- Fashiontoast
Wearing silver Rag and Bone pants.
Silver Rag and Bone Jeans
Intermix & FLARE invite

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Perfect Surprise in a Box.

Heart rapidly beating, stomach falling straight to the ground and loss of speech, all occurred while inattentively strolling through the door of my house not expecting anything out of the norm;
I find my mother at the counter smirking as she sarcastically asks "Do you like these?" while she notions to the black shoes she is holding in her hand.
It was my longed for Burberry Creepers
Call me obsessed... but i am way past that.
Aren't they splendid? I can't wait to wear them.
The fact that it is winter and there is snow on the ground is not nearly stopping me. 
Actually, neither is the fact it is slightly odd for a girl of my age to be strutting the streets with 6inch heels on during the day...
Well, what can you do right?

These are the original style i had wanted.
Practically the same thing but with only one buckle and a weaved design on the top.
i ended up getting a different style. Its amazing.

This is the style i bought. The detail of the sole is great.
 I love when the sole of beautiful shoes resembles those of hiking boots.

Now I'm going to need to find a new "shoe crush". Obviously the Céline shoes would be next in line (as blogged about in this post) But i resent the fact i most likely have no chance with those ones.
So.. Any suggestions?

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Aware that the pictures of what i bought on vacation a few weeks back are seriously over-due, i regret the fact i have gotten discouraged from my Foxy post, when i noticed how sad my pictures turn out. 
The bottom line is, i am going to have to replace the potentially lovely visuals (a better camera could have produced), with vivid explanations. 
God bless Steve Jobs, but this time Photo Booth just wont cut it.
Sincere apologies.

Things i'm liking lately/ bought:
1. Peter Pan collars 
2. Sheer button up's (which is obvious by now); i bought one in a deep green with a black peter pan collar... who ever designed this must have the power of reading my mind... 
3. Chiffon blouses, with an 'indecisive hem' (typically shorter in the front, trailing in the back)
4. Lace (yes very typical, i'm aware, but i found very fitted lace blouses, never seen something like it before)
5. Half fur vests. (fur on the inside suede/ leather on the out) 
6. Nicely shaped sweaters, to throw over collared tops. 

I did a lot of shopping at Zara, fantastic store when taken the time to dig through their mass amounts of clothing. Requires some patience...
Visited Mari, which is amazing, such great, unique, items found there. Highly recommend you to take a look if you get the chance. 

Again, apologies for not being able to take picture, i will post pictures of similar styles to those mentioned above. 

Zara- Blouse with Peter Pan collar
Zara- Lace shirt
this is the fitted lace shirt i actually bought. Although, i'm not the biggest fan of how it is being worn.
Don't make any conclusions of this style, on this picture... please :)

Velvet- Faux Shearling Vest
Bought this as well. Can't wait for the right weather, to finally wear it.
It shirt- UNIF; Shop Natsy Gal
This is a good example of the un-even hem i have really been liking lately.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Want Wings...

Happy to announce that tonight is the Victoria Secret Fashion show! 
The one night a year that peoples view on lingerie models, gets taken to a whole new level. 

So simply, i proclaim this to be my favourite program on television. 
Hooked at a young age (and i can bet you, its way younger than what your imagining), and every year since i have aspired more and more to become an angel.
why not dream big, right?

Promised that the fashion show will every year, exceed the greatness of shows prior, they have not yet managed to disappoint. 
My appreciation for this show is off the charts, they somehow pull it together so outrageously well, every single year. 
New Goal; In the future, have the honour of attending.
Only if i could ask Rumi how she did it. (Mentioned in second last post 'Liquid Metal')

Feeling the need to boast... i'll add i was so fortunate to see Heidi (and husband Seal) a few years back, at Nate 'n Al's diner in Beverly Hills. Heidi in the flesh... was... wow...

Candice opened the show.
Absolutely stunning.

Love the detail in the wings, and baby doll top.
Adriana is great. Colors are great. Loved the super-hero scene.

Very well structured. 

Absolutely one of my favourites. So bold and the colors work wonderfully together.
Great choice having Adriana model this one. 
Chanel Iman- one of my favourite angels.
She seems so sweet,  would love to meet her.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Le Nouveau :)

When Shop Nasty Gal's website is temporarily un-available, it doesn't bring the frustration you may imagine. 
Well, need i mention this is because the unavailability goes hand in hand with them offering 10% off to anyone whom this might have caused inconvenience to. If you had visited the site while under construction you would have received a code that when used, granted a 10% discount. 

Feeling witty, i thought of ways i could use this to my advantage. 
I finally approached the situation like so;
 "Mom.. Dad... Nasty Gal offered me a 10% discount, i think i need to take advantage of it."
 Giving me a sense of exclusivity, when as you can clearly see, this was not the case. 
Waiting to be rejected, i was exultant to hear otherwise. 
I chose amongst great colors, styles, and wonderfully structured pieces.
 Below est le nouveau addition de mon closet. 

Got an opinion? comments are greatly appreciated! 

Crochet Racerback Blouse- Coral
Velvet Skinny Jeans- Wine
Speaking of buying wine colored pants for a while.
Finally did it. 
One Teaspoon-Savannah Top

Chiffon Back Trench- Khaki
Haven't seen similar.
I'm waiting for the day i decide to wear this as my shirt. 
Knit Skater Skirt- Cream
Although, I'm feeling quite reluctant to refer to it as a skater skirt.
And to wear a skater skirt for that matter, i can guarantee you it is not...
Brandy & Melville- Emelie Dress
would be great warn as a top (tucked in)
open back seems slightly provocative
but doesn't really come off so.

Bedazzled Tail Blouse- Ivory

Great cut, great size an great detail.

Monday, November 21, 2011


I just love the irony of looking for a certain item in all the right places and all the right times, yet finding it when not even scouting, at a random store one could not even tell you the name of.

Since last year when i first laid eyes on One Teaspoon's fox tails, i have been in love, and on that prowl. I don't know if it was when i scavenged high and low through the streets of downtown Toronto, or when i was on the lookout for stores, which apparently, don't even exist... somewhere along the lines i had given up.

Stange enough, a few weeks back when set out to vintage shop, i came across a quite eerie looking store.
Feeling apprehensive when making an entrance.. i went along. A great amount of joy came when i looked to the ceiling and found variety of fox tails hanging above my head.

After getting passed the uncomfortable attempt at flirting from the old sales man.. i finally made my purchase. Sometimes i worry... the measures i will go for fashion....
At least a great buy came out of it!

Below are two images. Although, i want to emphasize my apology on how poor the quality is. Not only is it depressing that it gets dark at 5pm... but it does not do the lighting in my room any justice either.

Fox Tail, hanging off of Alexander Wang Purse.

Fox tail... hanging off wall..

I cannot even express the amount of attention this fox tail attracted. 
Literally, i don't think i could walk through the mall for 10 minutes without receiving either a "OH MY do you know there is a fox hanging out of your purse?!?!" or a "AHH i need to feel it!" or better yet, someone casually just sneaking a touch, and for some illogical reason thinking i wouldn't notice? Really... You'd be surprised. 
Ha, the amusement.