Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Worthy Dresses

Personally my favorite part of the Academy Awards is the pre-show, the red carpet.
EVERYONE there, even those random people “accidentally” lingering in the background of the interviews, look like an army of make-up artists, stylists and hairdressers created them. 

I guess the stress of preparing for the academy awards is slightly soothed when tens of thousands' dollar dresses are thrown at you, cough cough Jennifer Lopez, in her beautiful Zuhair Murad dress. 
The second of the night. Although, all the glamour really makes for a great show.
That being one of my favorites, I couldn’t even attempt to name them all so enjoy some pictures… as if you didn’t watch it for yourself last night.

Jennifer Lopez- Wearing Zuhair Murad
Beautifully low cut, i certainly wouldn't pay any mind to the critics mentioning it was 'Too' low cut, because she obviously pull it off very well!
The red lace alone the sides is a beautiful detail.

Angelina Jolie- Wearing Atelier Versace
Looking as beautiful as always... which is insanely beautiful, is all i can say.

Brad Pitt
Just figured a picture is necessary.
looking Handsome as always... which is way too all i can say.

Berenice Bejo- Wearing Elie Saab
Disregarding how drawn i am to beaded dresses, i really like the color of this dress.
Reminds me of the early 1900's.

Rooney Mara- Wearing Givenchy Couture
Being surrounded by many people who thought Rooney looked too much like a bride, didn't alter my perception of this dress.
Beautifully cut, i like the shape of the low rounded low cut graduating into elegant gathered straps.

Gwyneth Paltrow- Wearing Tom Ford
Wow, well this was an obvious one. Amazing dress and I don't think there is a single person who could disagree.
Of course the cape is my favourite part seeing as i would wear capes for my day job if i could...
Like an elegant batman... Wait.. not exactly..

Jessica Chastain- Wearing Alexander McQueen
The detail is so insanely well done. 
Kate Mara- Wearing Jack Guisso
i Literally spoke to myself out loud, alone, in my room, when i saw this dress.
So Stunning.
Milla Jovovich- Wearing Elie Saab
Elie Saab really seems to be creeping her way up into one of the bigger red carpet names, especially of last night.
... and also as my potential new favorite designer. How could a single person, admit to not wanting to own this dress?
it is so perfectly Flawless.
Also, i really like how Milla went with a deep red lip. It worked really nicely. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Little Bit of Music

Jimi Hedrix- More Experience
The Beatles- Let it Be

Arcade Fire- The Funeral 
Lately I have been excessively enjoying music. Well, actually I have been my whole life, but now I’m more inclined to write about it. This will of course always be a fashion blog but why not switch it up a bit, and blog about some music, here and there.

I guess I could blame part of this infatuation on my premature, fetus of a record collection, that I am frighteningly way too excited about.
Consisting of only 3 records at the moment:
The Beatles- Let it Be
Jimi Hendrix- More experience
Arcade Fire- The funeral

I’m anticipating my jubilant reaction when finally finding and raiding, my dad’s old record collection.. Until then, Second hand record shopping is nearly right up there with second hand clothing shopping. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dazed and Confused

I was just thinking about a pair of my Tie Dyed J brands that were non-intentionally stowed away after an experience with my friend staring at my legs, seeming very confused, asking “…Uh, Ruth, Why are you wearing zebra legs?” Ha! Amazing how vivid a memory could be from 2 years ago. 
It was a good laugh, and it was a boy so I figured there was no need to take offence.

I recall, around mid November reading a post on Style by Kling, where she mentioned bringing out some tie dye this spring. And although when freezing cold, in the dead of winter it may not seem like it, spring is actually pretty soon. Most spring collections have been released already (just got back from shopping, they're pretty awesome!)

As for tie dyed jeans, I mean a sort of distressed looking tie dye, not crazy rainbow legs. 
You don’t want to fully look like you just came out of dazed an confused… although a little wouldn’t hurt.

Style by Kling

Style by Kling
This is the perfect example of what i mean by distressed tie dyed as apposed to crazy legs.

These are my 2 year old-forever stowed away- zebra legs, that i am very soon to be bringing back out.
and am very excited about it too. 
Current Elliott- The Skinny Tie-Dyed Jeans
i like the lighter tone tie dye, especially with the rips.
Reminds me of another pair i have.
J brand- Light Acid-Washed Distressed Jeans
This is the other pair i mentioned in the caption above.
These have been of good use for the past 2 years, i guess they have less of a zebra effect?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Showing Some Skin

My longing for a vacation is increasing the more I realize how nice it would be to get away from everything for a bit. Or a bit more than a bit…yeah. 
Sometimes vacation is the best therapy, considering its generally intertwined with shopping therapy and some sunbathing warm-weather therapy. It might be a bit early to start anticipating going to Costa Rica for March break, although how could you not look forward to such tropical-ness. 
Prepare for a serious photo diary, post trip.
But its quite adequate, I'd say, to get eager for the classic February long weekend trip to Florida.  ahhh, mid-term breaks are well needed.
Thinking about it, my mind was seduced into vehemently online searching, bathing suits.
Not that I was going to actually order any, just trying to get my mind in the right place.
The Local Swimsuit- By: Tavik
On Shop Nasty Gal

Cutout Crochet Swimsuit-By: Lisa Maree
In black- On Shop Nasty Gal
 I Find it ironic how sometimes wearing a one-peice can seem more scandelous than a bikini, yet its clearly covering more skin... weird.
Cutout Crochet Swimsuit-By: Lisa Maree
In Cream- On Shop Nasty Gal

Hang Ten Bikini-By: Tavik
On Shop Nasty Gal

Volcano Bikini-By: Tavik
On Shop Nasty Gal
Love Affair Lola Bandeau Bikini- By: L*space
On Shopbop

Crochet Side Bottoms-By: Acacia Swimwear
On Free People
American Apparel makes swimsuits in a very similar style to that of the top piece. I own one, light blue and beige striped.
I amazing how they make such a simple style look so non-simple.

Rio Caged Back Bandeau Bikini Top- By: Undrest
On Shopbop
I always mention my infatuation towards bright colors, so i like this bikini for obvious reasons. 

Tosca Delfino is one of my preferred designers, for swimwear. Seeing Tosca Delfino on then runway at LG Toronto Fashion week in the fall, was amazing. As mentioned in my Success post.

Tosca Delfino- On Runway at LG Toronto Fashion Week
The colors in this print are really nice, especially when put together. 

Mel- By: Tosca Delfino Print- Cover me in Sparrow 

Leta- By: Tosca Delfino
Print- Down Under
Normally high waisted swimsuits are very, not-so-flattering. But the different fabric on this seem to work well in making this style more... easily do-able.

Tosca Delfino- On Runway at LG Toronto Fashion Week

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Long and Lustrous

Previously mentioned in All I Want For Christmas is.... Good Question is my yearn for a “jeweled dress”.
When online-shopping induced, my “wish list” changes rapidly.
 Currently right up there on my list is LONG jeweled dress. Long and Lustrous.
Ever notice the word lustrous consists of the word… lust? That was definitely on purpose.

Skimming the floor, To the floor, trailing behind you as you walk. I mean long. All the more material, just means more space, for greatness.
A new favorite of mine is the line, Shakuhachi. What a mouth full. Although your jaw will drop once you see the collections.

Willow Maxi Dress- Shakuhachi (on Shop Nasty Gal)
Can be dressed up or down, as they did in this picture.
Perfectly embellished, in all the right places.

Embellished Daisy Chain Camisole- Shakuhachi (on Revolve)
Similar to the dress above, it looks great in white/ cream as well.

Elle Crochet Applique Dress- Vintage (on Shop Spanish Moss)
This dress isn't quite embellished, but it may as well be.
it has the same look to it, as the entire dress is flawlessly crocheted.

Similar Looks:

Embellished Lace Pant- Shakuhachi(on Free People)
Similar yet not, to the dresses above. These pants are unlike others i have ever seen.
Pair the sheer pants with lace trimmed shorts (like above) and the matching sleeveless shirt.
Great outfit. The two pieces are great together, and separate.
Embellished Daisy chain Crop Top- Shakuhachi (on Free People)
a more viewable imagine of the top, paired with the pants above. 

Daisy chain long skirt- Shakuhachi (on Revolve)
Without the jewelled aspect, this skirt is good it you don't feel like wearing the same thing from head to toe.
Layered with tight lace trimmed shorts. This skirt could be paired with much more than you would immediately assume.
A plain tank, lose t-shirt, even a sweater of the right fit.