Friday, December 23, 2011

All I Want For Christmas is…. Good Question

Christmas is in less than 2 days! Being literally my favorite day of the year, I installed and routinely been checking countdown since mid-summer.
As cheesy as it sounds I like to abide by the clichĂ© of ‘Christmas not being about gifts’. 
Although we’re all aware, that the gifts still come… which I wouldn’t say I’m SO opposed to.

It’s the perfect time to ask for that one thing you have wished to get, for so long.
Every year I have managed to take advantage of this concept by overemphasizing my desire, generally for some bag or shoe. 
Unfortunately this year, I cannot think of a distinct thing that I want. 
But I have some ideas:

1. Velvet
One Teaspoon- Velvet Blazer
As i repeatedly have ranted on about this one, sadly i cannot find a website to order it from.
But i would LOVE to find a colored-velvet blazer under the tree.  

Crushed Velvet Leggings
I have wanted velvet leggings for a while now.
i love the practicality of leggings although i do not like leggings themselves.
So i find velvet leggings to be the perfect balance.
I really enjoy this royal blue color.  it reminds me of something from the medieval times or some era similar.
like some sort of item you would see worn in a Shakespeare play or something.... love it. 
Black Velvet- Lita's
Yup, my obsession for Lita's never really departed.
The black velvet ones have been on my wish-list for a long time. 
2. Leather; pants in particular. although I'm really drawn to leather shirts as well. 

Color- Fig

Current Elliot- The Leather Ankle Skinny Jeans

3. Something Jewelled. 
Of course anything that is nicely jewelled would be ridiculously pricey, thats why this is called my "wish" list... ha

Balmain- Silk Stripe Sequin Dress
You may potentially be aware that i LOVE Balmain. I think every piece he creates is genius.
Christian Louboutin- Maralena Ankle Boot
I have always wanted a pair of shoes like these. I find them so elegant.      
Jimmy Choo- Mesh and Suade Platform Bootie
... imagine those under the tree.

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