Monday, December 12, 2011

Flashy Legs

The relatively new Intermix store in downtown Toronto hosted a party with FLARE magazine Thursday night. The holiday sale, makeup forever makeovers, picture taking and being surrounded by SO many well dressed people, was quite a fine way to spend 2 hours. Plus, it gave me the perfect reason to test out my news shoes.

Indecisive when choosing the one thing I’d buy I eventually saw a pair of Silver (yes, you read that correctly) Rag and Bone pants that I recall in previous blog posts stating “I need those in my closet.”

The fact I happened to be wearing my black mysteriously high wasted Rag and Bone jeans at the moment was no coincidence. Goes to show how much I ADORE the pants Rag and Bone creates. Even though its perplexing that when I wear them they manage to somehow sit higher up on my waste than the time before, at the moment, I couldn’t name any other brand of pants that are comparable, as far as the fit goes.

But without ranting my way further off topic, I was saying how luckily I was wearing my Rag and Bone pants so there was no trying on needed. The next about 30 seconds consisted of me running to the rack, being rather too jubilant when seeing they had my size, Bolting over to the cash and paying, before anyone could come between me and my pants… ha.

Without hesitation, i threw them on the next morning. Once I got past feeling like an astronaut its actually very amusing to strut around downtown with such Flashy Legs.

Rumi- Fashiontoast
Wearing silver Rag and Bone pants.
Silver Rag and Bone Jeans
Intermix & FLARE invite

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