Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Le Nouveau :)

When Shop Nasty Gal's website is temporarily un-available, it doesn't bring the frustration you may imagine. 
Well, need i mention this is because the unavailability goes hand in hand with them offering 10% off to anyone whom this might have caused inconvenience to. If you had visited the site while under construction you would have received a code that when used, granted a 10% discount. 

Feeling witty, i thought of ways i could use this to my advantage. 
I finally approached the situation like so;
 "Mom.. Dad... Nasty Gal offered me a 10% discount, i think i need to take advantage of it."
 Giving me a sense of exclusivity, when as you can clearly see, this was not the case. 
Waiting to be rejected, i was exultant to hear otherwise. 
I chose amongst great colors, styles, and wonderfully structured pieces.
 Below est le nouveau addition de mon closet. 

Got an opinion? comments are greatly appreciated! 

Crochet Racerback Blouse- Coral
Velvet Skinny Jeans- Wine
Speaking of buying wine colored pants for a while.
Finally did it. 
One Teaspoon-Savannah Top

Chiffon Back Trench- Khaki
Haven't seen similar.
I'm waiting for the day i decide to wear this as my shirt. 
Knit Skater Skirt- Cream
Although, I'm feeling quite reluctant to refer to it as a skater skirt.
And to wear a skater skirt for that matter, i can guarantee you it is not...
Brandy & Melville- Emelie Dress
would be great warn as a top (tucked in)
open back seems slightly provocative
but doesn't really come off so.

Bedazzled Tail Blouse- Ivory

Great cut, great size an great detail.

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