Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Perfect Surprise in a Box.

Heart rapidly beating, stomach falling straight to the ground and loss of speech, all occurred while inattentively strolling through the door of my house not expecting anything out of the norm;
I find my mother at the counter smirking as she sarcastically asks "Do you like these?" while she notions to the black shoes she is holding in her hand.
It was my longed for Burberry Creepers
Call me obsessed... but i am way past that.
Aren't they splendid? I can't wait to wear them.
The fact that it is winter and there is snow on the ground is not nearly stopping me. 
Actually, neither is the fact it is slightly odd for a girl of my age to be strutting the streets with 6inch heels on during the day...
Well, what can you do right?

These are the original style i had wanted.
Practically the same thing but with only one buckle and a weaved design on the top.
i ended up getting a different style. Its amazing.

This is the style i bought. The detail of the sole is great.
 I love when the sole of beautiful shoes resembles those of hiking boots.

Now I'm going to need to find a new "shoe crush". Obviously the CĂ©line shoes would be next in line (as blogged about in this post) But i resent the fact i most likely have no chance with those ones.
So.. Any suggestions?


  1. You are SO lucky! Those shoes are at the top of my wish list! I died when I saw that they went on sale on Net A Porter but they're already sold out in my size!

  2. Literally went numb when i saw my mom with them! That is so unfortunate though, if you happen to live where a Holt Renfrew is then try there, thats where i got mine! :)