Thursday, January 26, 2012

Failure to Communicate

Its an odd thing, when you are phased with the ambiguity of how to do your makeup.
When brands such as Bobbi Brown are showing a nude eye shadow pallet, propped up next to a shocking bright blue and purple eye shadow pallet. Contradicting to say the least. 
Or when the new lip colors are showing, Bright pink, Bright red, and nude. It could be disorienting.
With no intention of implying this is the "right" way for it to be done, i have some insight on how to make good use of this.

Nude eye shadow pallets are lovely. A slim black liquid liner, line were your top lashes are embedded and mascara.  Depending on how well you can pull off the natural look, You could go without doing either.
 Paint on the color closest to your skin in the pallet to leave your entire lid with a flawless finish. 
Darken your eye brows, make them look thicker and fuller and more shapely by using eye shadow a few shades darker than your original color. 
Then go wild with your lips. As mentioned before, i prefer going bright Orange-Red.

Use a little mascara, potentially a thin liquid liner, line over your top lashes.
Then, use a shocking blue or purple or whichever other color you want, and boldly sweep it onto your lid. 
The same consistency throughout, i think looks best. Try to go without mixing colors (i know i find it hard too...)
Then go with a nude lipstick. Mate lip sticks are the best, Lancome has a great selection. 

Outremer- bright blue eye shadow
pago pago- lipstick
Bobbi Brown- Neons and Nudes collection
Beautiful  lip color called "Atomic Orange"

I just bought this pallet. Cannot go wrong with it.
Not to mention the brush it comes with is amazing.
I recommend this-Ultra Nude Eye Pallet
Although you can't really tell if she is wearing makeup, this is a good example of the bold eye brows.
As well, it is a good example of what the "nude" eye shadow look, should look like. 
and trust me i'm aware how it could be frustrating working with the 'natural' look, so sometimes i like to do mascara and a thick line on the top lid and nothing on the bottom, not even mascara. It sort of gives off that whole 'Marilyn Monroe' look. 
I love attempting to look like i just came out of a different time era.
Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Denying Winter

Who really needs jackets anyways, right?
…Apparently I answered that question myself, when I was standing in the freezing cold earlier today, seriously considering my limbs may fall off from frost bite.
In an alternative world, where I could successfully ‘deny winter’ I would express my love for the following:

Pecoats- finding the perfect Pecoat is like… finding gold. They’re ridiculously flattering (for the most part) and somehow, always seem to look amazing, with everything. Too bad they’re not ‘Canadian goose feather’ insulated

Scarf’s- wool, silk and any other fabric you can think of. Every color, every pattern and every texture you desire, wrap it around your neck and your good to go. My favorite thing to do, on those days I just can’t find the right shirt to wear, simply cover that area up by throwing on a big colorful scarf!

Gloves- nothing too much, sleek tight old-fashioned looking, Generally suede or leather.

Socks- my newfound love for socks is out of control. Any shoe that can fit a sock in it… I will be wearing one. Every length, color and texture of socks, put them on your feet, and shove you feet into those ‘not so warm’ shoes.
Hmm… I was thinking, if you wore all the above at once, who needs those puffy, massive, style-less, too the floor, nun-like coats anyways?

Chloé- Coat in Double Crepe Wool
Spring 2012 Collection
As posted before, i felt the need to re-blog, as its well suitable for the perfect coat (not technically peacoat)

CÉLINE- Black Faux Leather Oversize Crombie
Spring 2012 Collection
Not falling under the 'Peacoat' category yet certainly falling under the 'perfect coat' category.
Zara- Double Breasted Marl Coat
Now, only if i had owned this, this winter.
The length and fit is flawless.
Waffle Knit Scarf- Taupe

Alexander McQueen- Skull-Print Silk-Chiffon Scarf
This notorious scarf has both edge, and class. Perfect combination.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Options Options...

Splurging is always enjoyable, of course. But to point out the obvious here, it is even better when the majority of the dresses you want miraculously happen to be on sale.
Who can turn down a good sale, right?

It was so lovely to see most of the dresses I had yearned for, on sale.
With no worry as to making the decision of which one to actually buy, I assumed it would all depend on how they fit. Too bad (or not, depending on how you look at it.) they all fit exactly how I wanted them to. Will a little hemming here and there, I could imagine them all being suitable.  
In such an overwhelming situation, my mom and I were unaware of what to do with all of the options. With a clouded mind we came to the illogical decision of buying just about all. 
Of course, once that decision sunk in a couple hours later, it was a whole other story…
It didn’t really help to narrow down the options.
I’m not complaining!

Any opinions?

Diane Von Furstenberg
The actual dress looks slightly different. Each sequin has a hint of black detail for an edgier overall look.
The back is interesting, where there would be a zipper it is just an open slit with a button at the top.
With the occasional exposure of the back, it makes this non-revealing dress, sexier.
(I secretly think i am going to end up wearing this one.) 
Robert Rodriguez- Colorblock Asymmetrical Silk Dress
I have blogged about this dress before so i have already gone on about it.
I love this dress but to wear it i wanted to hem the arms to make them cut lower.
Diane Von Furstenberg
Sorry about such terrible quality pictures, again.
i couldn't find the dress online so i had to take a picture with my cell phone in a (one again) terribly lit room.

obviously, the pictures do not do justice to this dress what so ever, but it is very beautiful and elegant on.
it fits nicely and the color is more-so of a peachy beige, than this grey beige it appears to be in this image.

This chain like detail in the hem makes the dress ridiculously unique.
i did a double take when i saw it on the rack.
the weight of this chain around the bottom, around the neckline, and on the sleeves makes the dress drape down beautifully.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Highly enjoyed experiencing what having a personal shopper felt like, when my mom ever so nicely went shopping and documented her night, by sending every picture of a relatively ‘Ruth- like’ dress that she came across.
Surprisingly, I have not yet ranted about how in need I am of a semi-formal dress, but this is the truth. Coming up in no less than 20 days is (finally) an occasion worth buying a dress for. Regarding the fact I don’t just go buy dresses every time I go shopping, im being really fussy with my choice.
This has been a serious process. Luckily I found a few backups.
When writing my All Bright Everything post yesterday, It managed to seduce myself into the desire of wearing a bright colored dress.
My mom sent me a number of dresses that perfectly fall under this category.
The fact they’re all outstanding doesn’t make the choice any easier.
Tomorrow I’m going to try them for myself, i guess it just comes down to the fit.

I would really love for input. Below are the pictures of potential choices.
Comments would be greatly appreciated. 

Bottega Veneta- Layered Silk-Chiffon Dress
This is very similar to the Robert Rodriguez dress i posted yesterday.
The material is so stunning and graceful looking, and the colors are amazing together.
Definitely a possibility.
I went onto a website online to find the name of this dress, and i stumbled upon another Bottega dress so strangely similar to the Robert Rodriguez one i posted. It was baffling. 
Either way they're both stunning. 

Emilio Pucci- 3 Colored Double Stretch Wool Dress
Typically i don't tend to navigate to Pucci.
Although lately i really like that 'wool' look for dresses, not to mention these colors are so fantastic and unique.
For sure worth a try. 

Diane Von Furstenberg
Although all the dresses in this picture are beautiful beyond words, I'm focusing on the green one.
If this dress fits well its number one.
I could just imagine this, just shapelessly hanging, paired with some massive, ridiculously high, clunky shoes.
Ahh, perfect.
Lastly, My mom spotted the Robert Rodriguez dress i blogged about yesterday.
She sent me a picture just for the sake of it. 
I must restate, look at how well these colors and this fabric goes together. 
This is a tough choice. 
Robert Rodriguez

Sometimes i worry about how serious i am, when it comes to deciding upon something like this...
Oh boy.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All Bright Everything.

I have never really been so fond of following the cliché ‘trends’ of the moment.
Mind you, I do really enjoy predicting what will be next.
Not saying I’m always right, but it is an amusing process.
Right now its more of a fact than it is a prediction, but prepare to be seeing ‘all bright everything’.
Well I don’t actually want to be held to stating that ‘everything’ will be bright, but I have already been seeing this trend appearing in Alexander Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Robert Rodriguez. (That is only to name a few that I can remember at the moment)
Mainly a lot of Pinks, reds and chartreuse. A lot of chartreuse.
There has also been loads of royal blue (which I guess could also be considered a bright color).
Literally, have seen that color in dresses sweaters shirts shorts and skirts.

Brights have not seized to appear in make-up as well. At moments like now I wish I had a photographic memory, but without being able to name any, many brands have been introducing a bright orange-red lipstick.
Taking a long shot here, Im going to say Bobbi Brown and Lancome. To name the few i can remember.
Funny how I ended up buying this color a year ago after seeing it worn on a few models. Sadly I got discouraged when every time I wore it people seemed to think I resembled a clown… realistically that didn’t discourage me at all. Ha.

Alexander Wang- Cobalt Hooded Tunic With Cellaphane Stripe Trim
This is one appearance of royal blue.
Alexander Wang- Granite Draped Color Blocked Tanks
I love the randomness- yet not, of this shirt. The way it just hangs in any which way always works to look flattering.
Diane Von Furstenberg- Taya Dress
Great bright color, referred to as 'light lime".
As i am writing this post, i'm being more and more provoked into buying an item of this color. 
Robert Rodriguez- Colorblock Asymmetric Silk Dress.
Absolutely love this. Those colors go great together and the un-even hem is lovely.
As for the make-up:

These are two of the models i saw wearing the bright lipstick.

 It such a bold color. It looks great when warn with generally other nude looking make-up
Bobbi Brown- Atomic Orange
This is the perfect lip stick if you like the color.
Bobbi Brown managed to get the perfect mix between red and orange. 
Hopefully now I can wear this color without being looked at like a clown.