Wednesday, December 21, 2011


While doing some immense adjustments on my closet I attained some great realization...
Strategically, I stripped it of all clothing I no longer wear, or even better, no longer will allow myself to wear, and replaced it with items you most likely wouldn’t find in many other closets. The clothing I once desired to wear are the things I am now forced to wear, seeing as they are the only items that occupy my closet, post clean out.
During the process, I was curious when noticing how my closet is dominated by white T-shirts and other basics that frankly, I don’t enjoy wearing. When leaving my house in a white t-shirt and jeans I get zero satisfaction out of what I am wearing, so why have 67 duplicates of both? Seems illogical.
Basically in attempt to sum up the meaning of the jumble of words above, I realized that diversity is key to a great wardrobe and being able to dress well. The easiest way to do so is by eliminating the things in your wardrobe you no longer wish to wear. Like 66 of those white T-shirts (not all 67, because you’ll eventually want one to wear, every now and then…)

I find it comical that I am writing this as I’m gazing at my shelf of pants, which is such a prime example of me taking this ‘diversity’ too far. Consisting of, pink (peach-ish), silver, beige cords, grey/white ripped tie die and burgundy with leather patches. Its quite the range.
The only blue jeans I brought on vacation with me are the jbrand jeans that graduate to that wet, plastic-y-ness at the bottom.

I was unsure of what pictures to post, because for the pictures to represent what I'm talking about there will be a countless amount of them. Seeing as this post is on the verge of being a novel, i thought i'd just post a few picture of things i like. Although, they are all still 'diverse' in themselves. 

One Teaspoon- Velvet Blazer
I've been attempting to order this for way too long now, its nearly depressing how incapable i am of finding this on the internet. 
Rumi- Fashiontoast
Rag and Bone- Button up shirt
Been meaning to include this in a blog post for a while.
I find it strangely appealing how this shirt reminds me of a chef's coat, and in no way was that an insult (to the shirt).
CÉLINE- Black Polished Cady Bonded Block A-Line Dress
Spring 2012 Collection.
Once again i sneak in some sort of commentary on CÉLINE. Too good.
I love sheer dresses lately, Very inclined to buying one, sometime soon... 
Chloé- Coat in Double Crepe Wool
Spring 2012 Collection.
The structure of the coat is great, The pinned shoulders and loosely fitted sleeves works really nicely. 
Camilla Belle- Vogue 10 Best Dressed list.
Oscar de la Renta Dress.
Its so out there with all those little tassels, but it works, so well.
I literally spoke out loud to myself when i saw this... ha.. 
One Teaspoon- Georgia Chiffon Cape
I'd love to see someone wearing this, better yet, to wear it myself.
No sarcasm intended. 


  1. I love the sequin dresses! Wish I could get my hands on one of them or maybe two in different colours - black and the green maybe. Oh and the J Campbell litas (kneels down to pray) want them!! :-)

    Cool blog by the way :-]

  2. Thank you!

    Yea, i agree sequins are great, you should see the Diane Von Furstenberg collection of sequin dresses right now, its like a rack of perfection!

    and yes, The black velvet Litas have been on my wishlist for far too long.