Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Stuff!

Hey guys!
sorry i haven't been writing lately, school has been pretty hectic and i haven't had the time!

But anyways, almost 2 weeks ago was my birthday (May 2nd)! and i decided...well, instead of going out and looking for things i like, why not just order the things i ALREADY know i like, offline. My favourite online website Shop Nasty Gal is honestly, filled with clothing that make me speechless. I have mentioned it many times before in previous blog posts, so i will try my best not to rant anymore. They had just gotten a new batch of spring clothing in, that i could NOT wait to get my hands on.
Well what better a reason to splurge on clothing then a birthday... am i right? ;)

My parents agreed to letting me chose a bunch of things i liked and ordering them for my birthday present. Devastatingly, my favourite lilac Lita's were out of stock so i couldn't order them.. but thats alright because all the other pieces i got made up for that!

All these clothes are soooo versatile. They can be casual or they could be dressed up. You could whip them on to go just about anywhere, and it will look like you spent years trying to put you're outfit together. They are so simple yet so different.

Now, i would normally go on with explaining these items to you, but instead i will just post pictures so you get a better idea, they speak for themselves!

high wasted jeans. Pretty color for spring :)
can be worn WHENEVER 
'Cheap monday, Second skin jeans. super light blue'

'Denim chap leggings'
Very unique
'Cross bow tank- Sky blue'

Plain and delicate looking. Surprising in the back.
Out of the ordinary, pretty color for spring. 
'NTICE jaws track shorts'
could wear them anywhere. simple yet different.
Speaks for itself, i believe. 
'Bound Back Romper'
'Eryn Brinie cuffed sweat shorts'
You could wear these with so many different things.
yet they are so unique looking.
'Holy stud cut off shorts'
SO simple and SOOO VERY comfortable
yet you could wear these out with heels 
Typically, i got these lace thigh highs. I've been looking for a good pair and these are them! I know they aren't technically spring/ summer... but who said we can't make it work, right? ;)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

George Brown Fashion Show- Emerge

What better way to start of the weekend than with a fashion show! About a month ago my friends Emma Julia and I attended a LG fashion week fashion show which was the display of established designers clothing lines. We saw the Comrags show.
After this experience we were fortunate enough to have had an article in the Toronto Star featuring our blogs and "fresh young teens" attending fashions shows at our age!
The day the article got printed was for sure one of the most exciting days of my entire life! Words can't even describe how it felt to be recognized for taking part in something that i love.
About a week later i got an email from a George Brown student who told me her teacher had seen the article and wondered if she could get in touch with us 3 girls and invite them to their fashion show. Again we were all soooo happy to get this invitation and we took it as a great compliment that they were interested to have us attend their show!
The fashion show is for the college students who have designed pieces and are presenting them in their end of the year fashion show. It was really interesting to watch this show because these designers all produced such different and interesting pieces. The show was well put together yet still had a playful vibe to it. Amongst 9 different 'scenes' to this show here are some of the different items being modeled.

Scene 1: BRIGHTS 
On the left, Designer- Sheila Jobin.
The long dress detailed with beading and fringe gives a bohemian feel to it. Looks great on the model although it would be hard for a wide range of women to pull of the length and the neckline.
On the right, Designer- Jessica West. With the draped left sleeve and the thick shoulder strap on the right this dress is very flattering and a very practical design. The color is great for dark skin tones and the belt suites it well.

Designer- Stacia Swartz.  Grey strapless dress with orange draped accent. This style is very unique and interesting yet still has a elegant vibe to it. With the material draped down the front it is nothing like i have seen before. It is not practical for any typical occasion but if you're willing to be bold this dress is a beautiful choice.

Designer- Danielle Fleming. Personally not a favorite interesting colors but not what i would look for. The material from a far looks too stiff and the fit does not compliment the figure. although the vibrance of this piece stand out and it was interesting watching it be modeled.

Scene 2: DAYWEAR

On the left. Designer- Amanda Nichol
(on the right) Definitely one of my favorite pieces of the night. incase you can't tell the zigzag dress with a draw string is paired with a peach blazer. Perfect for any occasion in the spring/summer. the peach blazer is well cut and has a draped neckline. overall a flattering outfit.

Designer- Jayane Charles. Another on of my favorites.  High waisted lilac purple shorts with cream lace tank. The neckline of the tank gives a classier look to the piece and it flattering on her figure as do the high waisted shorts lengthen her legs.

Designer- Boram Lee. Another great piece. Deep aqua jacket uniquely cut and nicely fitting to compliment her body. the button is placed high up and there are seems down the front of the jacket, nice details to make this jacket unique. paired with a tight fitting pastel shirt underneath.


Unable to identify the name of this designer. A very unique jacket well pinned around the neckline and shoulders.

Scene 5: COATS

Designer - Lesley McIntee. The long draped dress is flattering to a tall figure and and the gold belt is a great accent to bring out the color of these pieces. Paired with this military style jacket looks great. Together this outfit has a mysterious sexy feel to it.