Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello New York

I am absolutely amazingly pleased year after year on my birthday. In a very conceded sort of way, its hands down the highlight of my year. One of the more immature means of my existence.

This year my mother and i planned a date that somehow escalated into, basically an awesome day. Originally i had planned to stay home wednesday to spend the day doing some damage downtown.
...somehow that plan evolved into us waking up pretty early to hop on a plane and fly to New York, just so we can fly back that same night to have cake with the fam, the usual...

I plan to come back as worlds best power shopper, because conquering all of New York in about half a day is a skill i have almost perfected. You'd be amazed.

Did i mention how much i love my birthday?

Be sure to expect a post of the outcome sometime in May,

But here are some things i will be looking out for:

some different looking shorts, than my current identical collection.

Laugh Cry Repeat- Beige and Neon Silk Shorts
Pixie Market
Believe it or not, there is a free standing Pixie Market store in New York

Vintage Studded Cut Off Denim Shorts- Runwaydreams
These were definitely last years craze, but i don't really think they'll get old anytime soon. 

Skirts, to satisfy my new infatuation, that is really lacking in the category of actually owning skirts.

Perfect Circle Skirt- Nasty Gal

Lace Tail Skirt- Cream
 Nasty Gal

Chiffon Flutter Skirt- Nasty Gal
Lace Tail Skirt- Black
Nasty Gal
I've been looking for the perfect necklace since my Accessorize, I Dare You post.
Chained Up Necklace- Nasty Gal

Luxor Necklace- Nasty Gal
Good tops for spring.
Eternal Child- Metallic and Lime Top
Pixie Market 
Dresses. Mostly for daytime, as i said, i day dream too much about what i plan to wear around Europe this summer. Dresses seem to be quite suitable. Yes.

Egg Shaped Maxi With Rose Gold Belt- Shakuhachi

Emerald Beige Pleated Tunic -Pixie Market

Hemlock Dress- Reformation

Citrine Dress- Reformation
Mesh Net Dress- Pixie Market

Neon Collar Eyelet Dress- Pixie Market

The next Two dresses are from my friend Julia Thompson's line 'Floral City', being featured in a fashion show i have helped work on for just over a year now called 'Nude' (being held May 11th.)

She did a great job, everything in her line is beautiful. it all looks like it was pulled out of a dream, which i believe is what she was going for!
She's really talented when it comes to designing, or in this case re-vamping, clothes! Go take a look!

Link For Floral City Facebook Page (were you can purchase the items)

Link For Nude Fashion show

Maxi Dress- Floral City
Designed by: Julia Thompson

White dress- Floral city
Designed by: Julia Thompson
Lately I've seen some really well fitting ones in all these different bright and pastel colors.
Obviously enticing. Intermix is filled with these, as always.

Rag & Bone- Silver Tuxedo Blazer

Rag& Bone- Bromley Blazer With Turquoise Piping
I dig Rag & Bone, it seems everything they create is going to inevitably be awesome.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Costa Rica Photo Diary

Heres for some serious over-due photos, from my extremely eye opening trip, mid march. 

Did you know, places out of North America are... sort of different? who woulda thought right..
Ha. Well i'm not actually that oblivious but really, it was pretty cool experiencing some rad things, foreign to what i'm used to.

All these photos were taken with my lomography (non-digital) fisheye camera.
I mean, yea Costa Rica is different but not in the sense everything is blurry and fisheye-d! bad joke? 
Well Enjoy! 

The Out-of-the-plane-window photos always seem to fascinate people way too easily.
i mean considering how simple they are to take, and how they always somehow turn out to look cool.
I'm a fan

Some cool Scenery taken in the car during one of my re-occuring extremely long car rides. 
Seems to represent a dessert... but its not.
I like how the trees are eerily perched up like that
I don't remember what i was trying to take a picture of here before the sun boldly interrupted.... hmmm

Manuel Antonio
Funny story, We booked a walk through the National Park, assuming we'd be trekking through a rain forest with monkeys swinging in the trees above us and frogs jumping at our feet.
you could imagine our shock when we arrived and were told this is not called the "rain forest" rather.. it was called the "humid forest" This flower was about the depths of my viewings.
well not actually, i did see some monkeys on a beach which is slightly unusual. For me at least. 

My camera chose to neglect the fact that the tree trunk was actually white.
Yea, i suppose you could say eucalyptus trees are pretty cool.

Just some bulls doing their day job. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

This is what palm oil is made from.. Costa Rica is profuse in this. 
A Distant view of the pool looking over the ocean.
the facilities themselves in this location were not my favourite but i dig the views. 

Out the hotel window

The next place we went to was called Arenal, but if you refer to it as heaven, i'd be able to put two and two together. 
It was a real rainforest experience. it'd rain hard for about 5 minutes then be completely sunny again, and i mean.. it'd rain so hard i'd think there was some sorta of apocalypse going on.
But it was pretty awesome, awesome enough for me to be able to disregard the facts i had an afro for about 5 days straight. 
The hotel i stayed in was filled with about 30 natural hot springs as well.. ahh so relaxing. 

Pretty (potted) Flowers that were way too picture worthy to leave out!

Just looking off the front porch of the villa.
Just Arenal Volcano behind some clouds...
all pretty normal stuff..
 Then we chose to risk our lives and zip line 660 Feet high. 
Yep i really was suspended by a rope.. this high up
Ha.. you should have seen my inability to form sentences.. or move.. after each run
But... like it was totally the furthest thing from scary.

Happy cat.. 

Ooooh mysterious

Honestly, mix a feline and a fisheye camera together and you get awesome.

Then this monkey clearly wasn't the model type because i got tail distance away
and believe it or not but it stuck its tail through the fence and swatted my right across the face.
... asshole
Another shot of Arenal volcano hiding behind heaps of clouds 

 There's something about Costa Ricans and rocking chairs... they put so many in every villa.
There were two on our porch.
So every morning i'd wake up, pour a satisfying cup of black coffee, get out a book and go on the porch to rock on a chair.. Looking out into rad scenery.. that did i mention was visible right on our porch?
resembling someone way too old, considering my actual age.. haha

Disregarding being jet lagged served me well, because every morning I'd wake up so well rested around 7am and be able to enjoy a few hours of starting at a volcano, before i actually had to do something productive. 
Really, do yourself a solid and go to Arenal, asap.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Perfect Picture- Attachment Fix

My desktop is way too cluttered with pictures of things that are sort of amazing.

because of my weird attachment i feel like i need to do an arbitrary post, showing every-awesome-thing mindlessly sitting on my desktop, before they're moved into my 'stuff' folder and consigned to oblivion along with a billion other things. 
how nice. 

Proenza Schouler- Medium Canvas Printed Python
boring class + laptop = me creating the game "name that designer" that i obviously play against myself
you'd be surprised how many pictures you can find of rad strangers at Milan Fashion Week.

Karen Walker- Anytime Glasses
Adding to my fantasy collection of surreal looking glasses.
Thick enough rims, wouldn't you say? 
Pretty Ones Cape By: Finders Keepers- Nasty Gal
I'm not sure what it is, the fact the blue looks really nice underneath the beige.
The fact she looks like a beautiful box
or probably just because the word 'Cape' gets me every time
either way i like this whole shabang.

Twiggy Flare Jeans- One Teaspoon
Nasty Gal
Ya ya ... i dig this.
i'd be apprehensive to actually put them on but i like how with one look you warp back to a different time era.
Roma Knit Shorts- Nasty Gal
I like the whole Missoni pattern look to these shorts.
Definitely a brand i would love to own way too much of in a few years. Yea, thats a goal.
Like i mean... i wouldn't mind furnishing my home in it.. Sigh.

Tripe Forward Helix Piercing
pretty awesome piercing, all three are actually.
Hoping that on my birthday i can find courage to get it.
But to prevent an agonizingly painful birthday and fear of looking too metal, i only intend to get the middle one at the moment.
#6 here i come

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash
Just an amazingly adorable picture that i'm thinking is very desktop- background- picture worthy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flowy and Lovely

I sorta feel like I’m dressed for a dream, throwing on a dainty, flowy dress that just blatantly hangs off your shoulders. Holidays always give a valid reason to over dress, just so you can walk down the stairs and eat in your usual dining room.

For my trip to Europe this summer I seriously intend to take advantage of the illusive dress code, my mind has fabricated.
Clearly it’s a potential danger allowing me to day dream so much. 

 These are some dresses currently hanging in my closet. Oh ya,  and visibly in my day dreams too. 
Alice + olivia- Cammie Trapeze Slip Dress
I dig this one, in regular lighting its really bright and really flowly.
Bascially all i ask for.

ByCORPUS -Textured Knit Midi Tank Dress
I bought this at Urban Outfitters.
Awesomely shapeless. 

Robert Rodriguez
if you were a mid-year reader, you'd know how much i obsessed over this dress.
"should i, or should i not wear it to semi?!" thankfully i saved it for the spring.
Because its, OH SO obscure that bright orange and pink aren't winter colors...

...and some i wouldn't mind having in my closet. 
Wood Wood - Printed Ontario Maxi Dress
You can find this online at Urban Outfitters
awesomely shapeless seems to be what i'm going for these days.

Alice + Olivia- Adele Maxi Tank Dress
Alice + Olivia just seems to be overdosing on great, this collection.

Fresh Air Dress- Nasty Gal
White and back-exposing is a power combination.

San Jose Dress-Blessed Are The Meek
Nasty Gal

Two Toned Maxi Dress- Shakuhachi
Its really no surprise there is the obvious dose of Shakuhachi in this post.
Actually the surprise is that there is only one... easy explanations
Trouble with the website, after physically and verbally abusing my computer for a good ten minutes and obtusely staring into that irritating spinning rainbow... i chose to let it be. 
Weekend Dress- Lovers+ Friends
Nasty Gal

So bright and beautiful. I am definitely denying what the weather network claims...