Monday, October 31, 2011

Accessorize, i dare you.

Wanting to write another blog post, yet being unsure of what to blog about (quite unusual..) I decided to see if Shop Nasty Gal got anything new.

I came across a re-occuring style, of accessories. Large and shapely.
Up until now I've never been so keen on loading up on necklaces / bracelets to complete an outfit, but wow, have I changed my mind.
I need to get my hands on some of these.

I feel like it almost reminds me of some kind of, egyptian goddess.
Take a look for yourself:

Double Crescent Necklace.

Cutout Triangle Earring.

Pirate Romance- Asymmetric Spike Earrings.
I particularly like how they are uneven lengths. 

Tribal Fringe Necklace.
I find this sits really well, mid chest. 
House of Harlow- Totem Pole Necklace
this is one of my favourites.

New Angle Necklace.
This is my favourite. I thinks its great, how large the pendant of this necklace is.
Not to mention.. it is a whopping total of $20... could this get any better?

Cutout Collar Necklace. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can't make up my mind.

Typically, I tend to navigate towards the clunky, bold looking, shoe. I just naturally like a thick platformed, large, super high, heavy weighted shoe. I'm sure this has become obvious by now, due to my endless posts obsessing over Jeffrey Campbell's 'Lita" (and practically any other bold looking shoe).
But now, I have come across the polar opposite shoe. Practically no platform, thin heeled (minimal hight), not busy, not detailed.. Alexander Wang shoe.
Clearly I tend to go for extremes.. 
This thin heeled, thin strapped plain 'Fabiana' shoe, was screaming "you need me in your closet" the first time i saw it. 
It has this awesome "cape", draped from the back of the shoe, over the heel. Which I love.. but the good thing is, if you don't always feel like looking like a superhero.. the "cape" is removable.

So beautifully simple. 
While I'm at it, I'll go ahead and post some other shoes that have the same "Plain" look to them, that I find fantastic.

"Black Alex" Alexander Wang.
Removable rabbit fur trim on heel.
Very unique. 

And here is the exact opposite type of shoe, that i just need to share with the world of bloggers. 
They're fantastic. Waiting for the day I bring myself to buy them.

"Jemma Platformed Shoe- Color: Wine" Dolce Vita.
These shoes on their own, aren't much to catch the eye (except for their shocking color of course.)
But when I saw them being modelled with an outfit they were hardly compatible with, they popped, and looked amazing. 

CĂ©line- platformed shoes.
Rumi- Fashiontoast, always wears these shoes.
I have fallen in love...

Monday, October 24, 2011

I can see in colour.

So lately, i have been seeing a lot of styles/ outfits, involving colour. Now yes i'm aware this isn't a "newly in-style, type thing" but its really been standing out me lately in sort of a different type of way.
I will always be a fan of neutrals, but i think its about time to brighten things up. One of my favourite Fashion Icons, the blogger/ model of FashionToast (which i'm sure many of you have heard about), oftentimes seems to dress in colour. And for some reason (well i guess its quit apparent why) it always seems to catch my eye.

now i'm not saying you need a dress in every colour of the rainbow, but for a change, i think its a great look.
Here are some pictures:

Pink sweater, Zara
this post is called "pink sunday"
its great
Now, not so much the "colour" theme in this picture, although... she is wearing silver pants.
... i need those in my closet. 

Great shorts (colour wise)
on another note though... i love the shoes, and the bag
generally, just an amazing outfit above.

Bright yellow dress.
Was worn to a fashion show, absolutely amazing. so striking.
Not to mention she happens to be wearing my favourite shoes of all time right about now...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Once you get passed all the stress of balancing your work and figuring out what you're going to wear etc. finally attending the show is like a nice, breath of fresh air.

Todays shows 'Tosca Delfino' was easily one of my favourite shows i have attended (out of the ohh so many, on that lengthly list of mine.... ) it was a swim suit line like i mentioned in a previous post.
I was just expecting some beautiful models strutting down the runway in sleek bathing suits and maybe some upbeat music to set the tone.
But the designs of these swim suits were outstanding.
It seemed as though the designer gave himself no boundaries as to how he would design these swim suits. From high waisted bottoms with cutouts all down the side, to high necked tops, it was amazing how he managed to incorporate these complex styles while using such minimal fabric.
The show as well was very well put together, there were waves/ a beach projected on the wall at the top of the runway, great upbeat music playing, and the models looked rugged with their wavy hair tied back into a messy fishtail braid.

As for myself,  in the end i figured out an outfit that i was pretty happy with.

My friend Julia (who i went with) has all the pictures from tonight so as soon as i get a hold of them i will post them.

All in all, it was a great success, i can't wait for the next show.
Yep... tomorrow is dedicated to choosing my outfit, so the chaos hasn't begun just yet...

-Ruth Rumack

Monday, October 17, 2011

LG fashion week

Once again the greatest time of year comes around.. Toronto's LG  fashion week.

This year I'm working on attending more shows than i have in the past, although currently the amount of school work i have is just not doing me justice for that matter...

I managed to dedicate tonight to strictly choosing what i will be wearing to tomorrows show which i believe is Tosca Delfino. Which from my understanding is a swimwear line that i think will be fantastic to see on the runway.

I really don't know what i am going to wear. i made a shopping trip this weekend in attempt to find the perfect thing, yet nothing stood out.
Looks i am considering are a black sleek outfit ( i was thinking leather or sheer, or both) a bold chunky shoe and then top it off with some sort of fur asset, like a jacket or vest.
Hmmmm, so tricky

if anyone has input i would love for your comments.

...and yet i am still to decide on how i am going to wear my hair, makeup and accessorize...

questions questions questions

-Ruth Rumack

Thursday, October 13, 2011


If you have never heard of them, it may strike you as a weird name for a style of shoes. This particular design has been around for quite a while now, and it seems to be starting to make its way back.
..Ahhh don't you just love when that happens? i know i do.

To name a few, this high platformed shoe has been shown in Prada, Burberry and Jeffrey Campbell collections. They are outstanding. So unique. They would look great paired with socks, either low bunched up socks, or thigh highs. As would they go well with tights, and anything else for that matter.
Just like i did with the Lita before i found my first pair, i am once again SEARCHING high and low for the perfect style in these shoes.
...i think i might have found it in the burberry collection, although its not the standard style of a creeper shoe, it still has the same effect and its absolutely STUNNING.

SUCH Chaotic Sanity. ;)


Jeffrey Campbell Creepers
The other Jeffrey Campbell creepers in this style come in numerous colours
some of them i find are a bit much, unless of course paired with the perfect outfit.
but these are the perfect colours.

A different style of Jeffrey Campbell creepers.
Just look at the platform on these, its INSANITY. yet amazing.

I don't have the most reassuring source as to who makes these,
 but they are said to be free people. so lets go with that.

I apologize for this not being the greatest image, but i got it off of so i couldn't get a larger size
these are the original Prada creepers, Jeffrey Campbell makes a similar pair with almost identical colours.

And lastly, below are my favourite creepers. Burberry. They don't have as much of an edgy look to them but i think they are extremely versatile and just absolutely stunning. You could pair them with practically anything. 
I long to get these.

As aposed to just having a platform, these have a small heel as well, separated from the platform of the rest of the shoe.
I love this slightly altered style of Creepers.
Burberry also makes a shoe with the same shape as this one, but a different style. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Its getting chilly again....

Soooo, first of all i just want to apologize for having not blogged ALL summer. but i decided its been tooo long , time to get back on track!

Anyways, despite the fact it was a miraculously warm weekend, giving us one last chance to bring out the shorts.. it is almost the middle of october already! meaning.. its most definitely fall. we can all brace for the cold because it should be back soon enough.
...and although i'm sure for the most part we hate to see the summer go... the cold weather is also a signal to bring out the best (in my opinion) wardrobe of the year. As i have mentioned before, dressing for fall is my favourite!

Now, before you decide to go and whip out your 'Can-Goo', Black leggings and uggs, Here are some other more.. unique styles to go for this fall.

Lately, i have been loving the "furry" look. whether its a fuzzy looking cardigan to a fur vest, it looks awesome.

All of the following images are from the website Shop Nasty Gal.
Eddie Faux Fur Coat

Sonia Shag Jacket

Abbey Faux Fur Coat

Velvet is also an amazing material to be wearing this fall! In particular, velvet pants are super unique, and look amazing. 
Velvet Skinny Jeans-Wine
*this colour is amazing, for any piece. It stands out but not too flashy. 

Velvet Skinny Jeans- Navy
These skirts, (or others similar) are one of my favourite pieces over everything, if i had the height and could pull them off, i would live in them. Anyways.. if your willing to pull them off then try the Asymmetric/ Unevenly cut skirt, (i guess is what i will call them) i want to refer to them as maxi skirts but i guess there not really considered so.

Asymmetric Chiffon skirt- Blush
i also love this blush colour. its great for sheer button ups.

Asymmetric chiffon skirt- polka dot
I'm not yet a big fan of polka dots, but for this skirt i just find that
with the mix between the colours and fabric, it works really nicely.

Pleated Chiffon Skirt.
i wouldn't say this falls under the same category as the other skirts,
but i love this one as well.  i think pleated skirts like this are great.
they also look good at a longer length or even maxi.