Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Want Wings...

Happy to announce that tonight is the Victoria Secret Fashion show! 
The one night a year that peoples view on lingerie models, gets taken to a whole new level. 

So simply, i proclaim this to be my favourite program on television. 
Hooked at a young age (and i can bet you, its way younger than what your imagining), and every year since i have aspired more and more to become an angel.
why not dream big, right?

Promised that the fashion show will every year, exceed the greatness of shows prior, they have not yet managed to disappoint. 
My appreciation for this show is off the charts, they somehow pull it together so outrageously well, every single year. 
New Goal; In the future, have the honour of attending.
Only if i could ask Rumi how she did it. (Mentioned in second last post 'Liquid Metal')

Feeling the need to boast... i'll add i was so fortunate to see Heidi (and husband Seal) a few years back, at Nate 'n Al's diner in Beverly Hills. Heidi in the flesh... was... wow...

Candice opened the show.
Absolutely stunning.

Love the detail in the wings, and baby doll top.
Adriana is great. Colors are great. Loved the super-hero scene.

Very well structured. 

Absolutely one of my favourites. So bold and the colors work wonderfully together.
Great choice having Adriana model this one. 
Chanel Iman- one of my favourite angels.
She seems so sweet,  would love to meet her.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Le Nouveau :)

When Shop Nasty Gal's website is temporarily un-available, it doesn't bring the frustration you may imagine. 
Well, need i mention this is because the unavailability goes hand in hand with them offering 10% off to anyone whom this might have caused inconvenience to. If you had visited the site while under construction you would have received a code that when used, granted a 10% discount. 

Feeling witty, i thought of ways i could use this to my advantage. 
I finally approached the situation like so;
 "Mom.. Dad... Nasty Gal offered me a 10% discount, i think i need to take advantage of it."
 Giving me a sense of exclusivity, when as you can clearly see, this was not the case. 
Waiting to be rejected, i was exultant to hear otherwise. 
I chose amongst great colors, styles, and wonderfully structured pieces.
 Below est le nouveau addition de mon closet. 

Got an opinion? comments are greatly appreciated! 

Crochet Racerback Blouse- Coral
Velvet Skinny Jeans- Wine
Speaking of buying wine colored pants for a while.
Finally did it. 
One Teaspoon-Savannah Top

Chiffon Back Trench- Khaki
Haven't seen similar.
I'm waiting for the day i decide to wear this as my shirt. 
Knit Skater Skirt- Cream
Although, I'm feeling quite reluctant to refer to it as a skater skirt.
And to wear a skater skirt for that matter, i can guarantee you it is not...
Brandy & Melville- Emelie Dress
would be great warn as a top (tucked in)
open back seems slightly provocative
but doesn't really come off so.

Bedazzled Tail Blouse- Ivory

Great cut, great size an great detail.

Monday, November 21, 2011


I just love the irony of looking for a certain item in all the right places and all the right times, yet finding it when not even scouting, at a random store one could not even tell you the name of.

Since last year when i first laid eyes on One Teaspoon's fox tails, i have been in love, and on that prowl. I don't know if it was when i scavenged high and low through the streets of downtown Toronto, or when i was on the lookout for stores, which apparently, don't even exist... somewhere along the lines i had given up.

Stange enough, a few weeks back when set out to vintage shop, i came across a quite eerie looking store.
Feeling apprehensive when making an entrance.. i went along. A great amount of joy came when i looked to the ceiling and found variety of fox tails hanging above my head.

After getting passed the uncomfortable attempt at flirting from the old sales man.. i finally made my purchase. Sometimes i worry... the measures i will go for fashion....
At least a great buy came out of it!

Below are two images. Although, i want to emphasize my apology on how poor the quality is. Not only is it depressing that it gets dark at 5pm... but it does not do the lighting in my room any justice either.

Fox Tail, hanging off of Alexander Wang Purse.

Fox tail... hanging off wall..

I cannot even express the amount of attention this fox tail attracted. 
Literally, i don't think i could walk through the mall for 10 minutes without receiving either a "OH MY do you know there is a fox hanging out of your purse?!?!" or a "AHH i need to feel it!" or better yet, someone casually just sneaking a touch, and for some illogical reason thinking i wouldn't notice? Really... You'd be surprised. 
Ha, the amusement.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Just got back from a sunny weekend in florida! Sorry about the absense of my posts.. I blame the lack of internet connection.
The retail therapy was quite helpful to get rid of stress from the past weeks tests and school work. (Although, I'm already back in school! So the relief of stress didn't last for long) 
The purchases of the trip i would consider successful. I have increased my current collection of sheer button-ups... can never get enough of those. 
Along with that, a slight size mishap for my mother resulted in my favour... when buying a pair of YSL Tribute's followed by a night of wearing them in attempt to stretch them out, we simply came to the conclusion that they are closer to my size then hers... 
ha..ha.. sorry about that one mom... 
Speaking of which, strangely enough I just noticed I am still yet to rant about the YSL shoe collection. For starters their well known style Tribute is a fantastic, very basic shoe with a ridiculously high heel which is amazing for looks, but relentless on my feet. 
Well, what can you do right? I'm not complaining...

Exciting to announce, I have gained a large interest in a new Designer. As i have blogged about in previous posts (the last picture) i really admired the Céline shoes, worn by Rumi, of Fashiontoast.
I imagined the clothing of this line must be similar. Thankfully enough, my assumption was correct. When i payed a visit to the store, i was in awe. The pieces were very well structured, they incorporated great materials, and for the most part they had that simply yet intriguing look. Love.
I will be blogging about that in the future...
Although, as Rumi stated about the shoes "boys hate them, i don't" she was correct. When trying them on and searching for at least ONE approval i found no luck (thank you mother and father... ).
Well, that purchase didn't go through too well...
People these days...

What i was planning on doing in this post was posting pictures of the items i bought. I guess when i was planning this i didn't realize they would be sent to the dry cleaners before i could even lay eyes on them.
haha, Once again, I'm not complaining...
Right when they return, i'll write a post dedicated to posting those pictures.

For now i'll just have to leave you with the pictures of my new (owned) love being the "Tributes", and my forbidden love (excuse the melo-drama) The Céline shoes.

YSL Tributes


Sunday, November 6, 2011


Sadly, this week i have been lacking in inspiration, for things to blog about. 
On the other hand, luckily this weekend consisted of lots, of shopping. What better way to gain inspiration, correct?
I often, came across this one style of clothing, that as it appeared it just grew on me, more and more. 
I have seen Kimono's on many online websites, featured on multiple models and being sold in stores.

This time i really paid attention, to how beautiful and unique they actually are. I'm not really referring to a traditional Japanese kimono (although I'm sure those are quite beautiful as well) more so a slightly more urban style of kimono. 
Only if the cold weather was still out of sight, it would have been more sensible for me to actually buy one of these. 
Although, holiday time is coming up soon, meaning travelling...which I'm guessing is a decent excuse to make the purchase.... right?

Take a look at the styles below, and i would love for your input!

Fringed Lace Kimono- Cream
Wow, this is beautiful. The fringes on the bottoms finish it off well. 

Garden Kimono Jacket
the color/ fabric of the kimono mixed with the color of the lace shoulders, are really complementary for one another.

Desert Rose Fringe Jacket
Although its less practical to wear with just about anything, i really like this one because it gives me a sense of a traditional kimono.

Lace Kimono Jacket
The colors and the fabrics work very well together. Gives off a very elegant look. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Animals are quite lucky... they get it for free

Yes, got to love those Prints and Furs.
Although, i may be over stepping by saying these animals are lucky seeing as we end up wearing their fur.. It is hardly valid to say they're 'Lucky'. But that is a different story...
I just happened to be daydreaming in class while scrolling through Fashiontoast. (if my teacher happens to be reading this... i do apologize..) and i saw all these patterns, and all these different types of fur.
...For the first time i really put some thought into it and i've came to the conclusion; it really is fascinating how these patterns, and these materials, are one out of a not so long list of things, that are NOT man-made.

Although some people are very Anti-Fur (and i highly respect those of you who are) i have just gained such a greater appreciation for designs like these.

Leopard print bag.
(Once again, my favourite shoes appear... stop taunting me please.)
Theory Fur Bag.

Photo taken off of Fashiontoast
"Black and Whiles from the Mulberry show"

And then of course, if you are an "Anti-Fur" believer, then Faux Fur is for you.
I must admit, just because it doesn't feel the same, doesn't mean it doesn't look just as good. 
Chelsea Shearling Coat- Shop Nasty Gal
(A favourite of mine- As well as marked under the "we love" section of Shop Nasty Gal)

Spotted Faux Fur Coat- Shop Nasty Gal
(another favourite of mine)
Nearly bought this, last minute decided otherwise. Someone please remind me why....?