Thursday, January 24, 2013

Calling On Pastels

When I was in New York back in November with my mother, I remember saying, after scouring the many department store “Lets make a bet… that the spring colors will be pastels”. I couldn’t be gladder my psychic tendencies didn’t fail me on this one.

So I’m not really sure what I’m more excited for now; spring itself, or the fact that its going to be somewhat of a time warp back to an era that I sort of do, sort of don’t wish I lived in…. I mean, I’m pretty sure all girls are programmed to go weak in the presence of the perfect shade of pink.

Chanel Creepers

Current shoe crush, mainly because they're the best mix between bizarre and beautiful, that i've ever seen.
Gladly, my clever mother bought them in black, and although it isn't quite the same as pastel, i think i can make an exception.
Oh ya, forgot to mention that obviously i'll be claiming those shoes soon enough.
At times like this i really appreciate the genetic similarities my mother and i have in foot size.

3.1 Phillip Lim- Corded Motorcycle Jacket

I'm only not shocked by this unrealistically beautiful creation because, well, its Phillip Lim.
What else would i expect?
Spectrum Moto Jeans- Nasty Gal

Chloé Spring 2013 Collection


Double Silk Georgette One Shoulder Dress- Violet
"Peony" Cuff In Resin and Gold Brass
"Newlynn" Platform Sandal in Nappa Lamskin- Bianco

Crepe de Chine Jumpsuit- Off White
"Newlynn" Platform Sandal in Nappa Lambskin- Budino


Textured Cotton Sweater- White
Light Panama Pants- Off White
Cotton Pique Jacket- White
"Newlynn" Platform Sandal in Nappa Lambskin- Nero

Light Silk Mix Dress- Wisteria Violet
"Newlynn" Platform Sandal in Nappa Lambskin- Bianco
Heavy Crepe Top- White
Heavy Crepe Skirt- Dusty Blue
"Gala" Sandal in Nubuck Python and Calfskin- Nero

Kristina Bazan- From the Katyure
Wearing that perfect irresistible shade of pink.
Along with my fovrite "soon to be mine" Louis Vuitton Alma bag
This picture has been on my computer for too many years now, so what better time to put it to use! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Roger Vivier...Why Not?

So, on a long car ride home from a dinner on Lincoln road, I got thinking back to when… I had an invalid animosity towards the perfect pair of Manolo’s. Now don’t get me wrong, this was OBIOUSLY a while back, during a much more naïve and uncertain time period in my existence; its safe to say that version of me is long gone. Thankfully it became more apparent that the perfect pair of sleek and ‘proper’ Manolo’s, is a necessity to find the equilibrium to an otherwise unconventional outfit.

And this all is relevant to the point because, It reminded me of the other day when I penalized the Roger Vivier section of the various grand department stores in New York, because I foolishly prejudged them to be ‘too proper’ to suit my provisional ‘not-quite-the-queen-of-England’ wardrobe. Well once again, thankfully I can say, I was misguided. I don’t see why you can’t treat Roger Vivier as a relatively more lavish form of Manolo’s (well, that statement is not always true, but you get the just). I’m thinking, why not dress them to suit the occasion; at this point once I acquire a pair myself, I may just end up wearing them everyday. Because, why not?

Roger Vivier
Belle De Nuit Strass