Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LG fashion week- Comrags.

Well hello everyone,
This week is Toronto's LG fashion week.
Oh, how i LOVE fashion week. I've only been to a few fashion shows in the past and each and every one of them were completely exciting experiences! This time I was lucky enough to attend a wednesday night show.
I saw the Comrags line on runway. For those of you unaware, Comrags is a very elegant line of clothing, Designed by Judy Cornish and Joyce Gunhouse. This line of clothing has a boutique of its own on queen street, and specific items from this line, are available in many different stores and places throughout Canada and America!
Although Comrags line of clothing isn't technically directed to girls of my age... i still appreciated this line and the various styles designed for this collection.
I found it very clever how this line of clothing is designed. The designers manage to give each article of clothing a diverse style of its own but yet, still keeping it easy and chaos free!
It was very simple yet far from typical.
It was conservative but not nearly boring.
It was very elegant yet each item had a cool and hip aspect to it.
One outfit that really stood out to me was a dress. It almost had the same concept as a done up trench coat, but the neck line started higher and the length was about mid knee. What made this dress so interesting, was the sleeves were completely cut off, into the form of a sleeveless t-shirt, but not quite a tank top. Not to mention the material was black with a silvery finish to it, which made this dress unforgettable.

The dresses were often sleeveless with a think strap covering the entire shoulder and a high cut neckline. in my opinion this style is a very flattering cut on all women. It was a sleek and a neat cut for the dress and the material being used. it gave a sexy tone to the dress, yet managing to keep the design conservative.

Along side these sleeveless dresses, there were many dresses with long sleeves. i noticed whether it was a blouse jacket or dress the shoulders on the pieces were well shaped. i wouldn't really consider them as super high pinned shoulders, but they were also definitely not flat and droopy. Again i found this to be a very flattering cut for the clothing.

I really liked this line of clothing and enjoyed myself at the fashion show. The one thing in this line i wasn't such a big fan of was the length of most of their dresses and skirts. The lengths ranged from just above the knee to just below the knee. Although, yes it did look fantastic on the very tall very skinny models, normally i find that this length will cut most women and make their legs look shorter and stubbier. But then again... this could be something 'i don't yet understand' seeing as this line of clothing isn't really targeted for 14 year olds.

Overall this was another GREAT experience at a fashion show for me and i can't wait until next time i have the opportunity to attend one again! The photographers, the people, the clothing, its just nothing you could experience anywhere else! I love walking around and seeing all the different people with their outfits, and getting our pictures taken and interviewed. It makes me feel like a star! Everything is such an inspiration to me their, and it just makes me that much more interested about fashion and design in my future. So bloggers, if any of you ever get the chance to go to  fashion show, TAKE IT. i promise it'll be worth it!

-Ruth Rumack

Ps. If the Line Comrags, i have just spoken about has intrigued you, i advise you to look at their Website. Its interesting to see what the designers have to say about how they design their clothes and their story about how they got started. It'll give you a new insight to their clothing! Go check it out!


Hey guys! quick thing-
So recently i haven't been able to write as many blogs about clothing and styles, as i used to because my school work has really caught up with me! Although I'm getting back into it and i will write posts as often as i can i have a second blog that you can visit.
This blog is mostly focused on pictures and quotes so I'm updating it much more often seeing as it takes less time and effort. I'll keep writing blog posts as regularly as i can but in the mean time, if that kind of thing is of your interest you should hit up my other blog!
Its really light and easy to look at, it doesn't consist of much reading!
The blogs title is called 'Raw'.
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Jeffrey Campbell LITA

Hello everyone!
I haven't written a blog post in a while! But heres some news, since the last time I wrote... i have developed into quite a shoe fetish.
The brand of shoes that stand out to me the most is Jeffrey Campbell. Maybe its not as well known as some of the other larger shoe brands but its my personal preference!
Since the beginning of this year my favourite online shopping website is Shop Nasty Gal. They always put the boldest outfits together and they ALWAYS pull them off. They match the most large chunky brightly colored shoes, with an already loud outfit and find a way to make it work!
Although a certain shoe has caught my eye with every single outfit they were paired with. The style is called 'Lita' below is a picture of them.
Yes... this shoe for sure caught my eye, but for a while i was not at ease with my opinion on these shoes! I always thought they made a statement thats for sure, but i never would be willing to actually buy them, never mind find the guts to wear them!
Eventually they grew on me, and i became OBSESSED with the Lita's. So i suggest you turn away now or the same thing will happen to you!
I tried to find them EVERYWHERE online, But lemme tell you, if you where to look up the meaning of the phrase "sold out", a picture of Lita's would show up.
I ended up emailing Sole Struck Shoes 3 times... from two different emails... (didn't want to seem tooooooo keen, so i had to switch up the email address.) so a total of 6 times, so i could pre-order these lita's. I ordered them in the colors below, distressed brown leather. As well as the Light pink pony fur. The website emailed me back saying the shoes would not come for 2 months. Well if i have to wait 2 months... then you gotta do what you gotta do.
But i still discretely continued my online search for the Lita's (shhh, don't mention it to the people who work at sole struck... in which i must have drove crazy with my never ending stream of emails.)
When one late late night i was looking through a website i hadn't seen before, and it miraculously turned out they had my size, in the color i wanted!!! I nearly fainted.... (yeah, i guess I'm a bit over dramatic) when i saw this! immediately they were added to the shopping cart and purchased! I called the website... jusssssst to make sure the order was confirmed and in a few days THEY ARRIVED.
Honestly when i heard my package came, you would of thought i just saw a stork deliver a new born baby or something absurd like that.
Basically, the moral of the story is, i wear them everywhere now with absolutely EVERYTHING.
You know how they say every girl needs a little black dress? or was it a gucci bag? maybe Prada shoes? well whatever it was it doesn't matter! Because i say that every girl needs a pair of LITA'S to complete their closet.
Pink Pony Fur Lita 
Distressed leather Lita

Although i just spent a great chunk of time ranting about how amazing Lita's are. ALL of Jeffrey Campbells shoes are out of this world! They are all so bold, and so noticeable. Some other amazing styles that i would recommend checking out are the:
Foxy Platform 
Tick Wedge 
Brisbane Wedge Boot
Mary Roks (another really practical pair)
Gypsy Platform Clog

The pictures of these shoes are below.
Nice talking to you bloggers! I hope you all have a new found appreciation for Jeffrey Campbell shoes!
Tick Wedge
Gypsy Platform Clog
Mary Roks

Foxy Platform

Brisbane Wedge Boot