Saturday, December 21, 2013

Beauty of the Holidays

You know those days where you have to wake up, really early, and drag your ass to wherever you need to be- in my case… school. Its still sort of dark out and your half contemplating the extent of how terribly unhappy you are in this moment and half wondering WHY you aren’t just skipping yet another Monday morning art class. (I mean I love art but I don’t love anything before 9:30am…at least)

And then you have to throw on some scary puffy jacket and your hair is half straight and half in ringlets, and your mascara is already running down your face and your defining what it means to be a mess more and more by the second.

Well it was one of those days for me, but thankfully I snapped out of it when I realized that the holiday spirit is in the aiiiirrr. I got up, watched some Hepburn, painted my nails to resemble somewhat of a Christmas present, made some Christmas tea, listened to some Christmas classssics and now I even managed to write this blog post!

So this is my attempt at passing on the holiday joy to everyone else having one of those days. So below is sort of like a pre-holiday bad day survival kit. I mean- how could you not smile listening to Marilyn Monroe sing Santa Baby...?

Unless of course it’s a Monday… then all I can say is good luck to you….

Nespressos work everytime. Especially when its the limited addition christmas flavour <3 
Christmas nails... they aren't even that nice not that I look at them...
but then again- anything holiday-esque is nice.

Prospective christmas gifts... I recently discovered this jewellery designer Delfina Delettrez. Really friken awesome.
Excuse the screenshot.. you gotta do what you gotta do when it comes to christmas gifts, right?

They're not even my dogs!! This is the famous Marni and Cubby Beckerman (Beckerman Twins Dogs)
This was so cute that yes in fact I did have to screenshot their Instagram. And yes, I did then add a filter of my own and make it my background. 

NOW HAVE A LISTEN... and your day should pick up a bit!! Unless your scrouged or grinched or something is seriously the matter with you. 

Marilyn Monroe- Santa Baby

Dean Martin- Baby Its Cold Outside

One more thing, if your still the grinch then try watching The Bishop's Wife.
Christmas, Angels and Cary Grant - is it possible to not be cheered up after that?
I don't think so.. 
I mean, Cary Grant on his own should do the trick. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Designer Masterminds or Retail High?

You know those times when you spend a bit too long staring at something that’s so perfectly perfect? Then you have to hit yourself a few times, at first to break the daze and then again to snap back into reality to realize if its really that perfect or if you’ve just been shopping for a few hours too many (I think that’s what they call a retail high?.... ill take it!).

Then if your in the Alexander McQueen store you realize that yes, in fact it is THAT PERFECT, and you must then hit yourself again for not thinking of it yourself. But then you realize that you aren’t the genius that designs for McQueen… which explains why you didn’t think of it yourself.

I always find myself in the McQueen store just sort of drooling over the endless beauty and having ongoing flashbacks to the medieval times (not that I witnessed them or anything, but you know what I mean).

Like, why does the combination of pearls and gold and black and red have such a powerful affect one me? Woah, its kinda scary when I think about it- like hypnosis or something.

I think I always have the subconscious feeling that if I go into the McQueen store, some of the beauty will emanate onto me, and ill leave feeling just a bit more pearly and golden and medieval and, cool.  Then again I’d probably have to buy something for that to happen. Although I did try on a gold and pearl neck cuff, does that count for anything?
So Medieval. 

Please- See for yourself:

Do you see what I mean yet?