Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dave, Never disappoints.

Once again, I witnessed an outstanding and enjoyable Dave Matthews concert.
The band featured many songs from his new album ‘Away From the World’, including my provisional favorite ‘Broken Things’.
The vague but relevant lyrics ‘Well how could we know that our life could be so full of beautifully broken things’ manages to further conclude the fact that Dave, just has a better way with words than basically, well, anyone.

And once again, my friends and I succeed to come off as a merely psychotic pair, dancing …or…er…..spasing, sincerely off beat, appearing as though were nearly about to explode. In the least harmless way of course, with all the right intentions, of being two hopeless die hard fans, just feeling the music a bit too much.

And not to mention my music-induced high off life feeling that is always present after a satisfying concert led me to buying too much Dave Matthews merchandise than actually necessary. But really, I just see it as a harmless splurge.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Time at Royal de Versailles

Thursday was the Christmas party for Royal de Versailles Jewelers, which took place in the store, in downtown Toronto.

The stores redesign is unlike any other I have seen, and really increases the pleasure of gallivanting from boutique to boutique.

The winter themed décor obviously put a permanent smile on my face; even the sparkly snowy-ornament-decorated tree-branches/wreath things, hanging off the wall, managed to make the thought of a good snow fall, make me feel all warm and happy.

The successful turnout, though, made it really difficult to snap a good picture of the evening, seeing as every time I tried I ended up just stalker-ishly capturing images of the tops of people’s heads.

The abundance of people never got in my way of trying on amazing pieces, obviously. Its just so easy to fall in love with something that’s so perfectly stunning.

Out of the few pictures I was able to take, the following things have me feeling like the queen of England, and really hoping my future husband reads my blog… ;)

Some of the following pictures weren't taken the night of the event, but seemed too difficult to leave out.

Check out the website for undeniably better pictures, of what i am displaying and more. Because who can really get enough of looking at jewellery?

The beautifully festive window display

The bad lighting of the picture makes it slightly more difficult to comprehend the fact that this is officially my favourite ring, ever.

My Father and I
Wearing an equipment blouse and ALC skirt

The pink version of what i like to refer to as 'finger armour'
So, i really like sapphire... like, really is an understatement. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Beautiful Things

Enjoying lunch at Carpaccio in the Bal Harbour shops in Miami, and stumbling upon some things, beautiful; makes for a great day.

Enjoy the photos.

Miami vibes while eating lunch at Carpaccio
Balmain Devoré Velvet
Close up of Devoré Velvet- With too much light reflecting off it to recognize the actual beauty. 

Balmain Devoré Velvet Skirt-
Balmain Bustier
Above- images taken in the overwhelmingly well picked store 'Oxygen'. 
Yves Saint Laurent- Mirrored Heel Pump

Reflections in the blue mirrored heel... more shoes?

Giuseppe Zanotti
This style is a nice break from the currently very popular, lady gaga-esque heels, that deny several laws of physics; you know the ones? 

Yigal Azrouel - Leather Crepe Jersey Dress

The amazing, forever desired, Alexander McQueen clutches
These four particularly, i find, are almost too pretty to comprehend.

This looks like something you could find at the bottom of the ocean- in some Little Mermaid like, alternate world.
..If I'm being wildly imaginative.
Edie Parker Clutch
So sparkly, and eye catching, and perfectly festive, and couldn't be more suitable for me at the moment. 
Herve Leger 
The style seems sort of unfamiliar and intriguing- and the color, well, what girl can really deny a good pink? 
The Wrights- Leather Lace Fluted and Seamed Jacket
Lazer cut leather is something i find difficult to ignore.
Wouldn't you agree?
And what could possibly be more adorable than baby couture?
I'm jealous of the baby that gets dressed in this.

Chloe Booties

Dolce and Gabbana 
Just some surgeon mannequins preforming surgical procedure on a purse in the Marc Jacobs window.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
In the Bal Harbour shops, the fish need just the right amount of lighting.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stocking Up On Gold

This blogger app for my iPhone has me feeling like I could blog every second of my accountable existence, and I like it.
The only downside is I haven't quite figured out how/ if its possible to write captions on my pictures, which eliminates people being pleasantly misguided to my blog when searching clearly fabulous related things. Oh well, I'm putting googles complexity to waste. :(
It'll just make for 2-step blog posts, and less attentive school classes.
Teachers, Need not worry; Knowing me I'll be over this fascination before it's noticeably even begun.

Anyways, to the point, please.
New York made it fairly discernible that gold is seriously trending. All. Gold. Everything.
Literally, and I like it.
Could not be more suitable pertaining to my premature holiday excitement.

As put by Anna Dello Russo "10 christmas party rules: rule number 3- chose a GOLD: You will emphasize the idea to be a Christmas GIFT to be unwrapped."
rag & bone's Resort 2013 Collection- Full of Gold
rag & bone- Silver Tuxedo
its quite apparently gold; for an unknown reasons they're naming all the gold pieces silver.
rag & bone- Renard Dress
the color of this dress, and the style of this dress = 110% perfection
Gold detail- beautiful pattern 

rag & bone- Silver Tuxedo Jacket with Gold Shawl Collar
modelled in Intermix's Holiday 2012 Lookbook

Click Here to view Intermix's 2012 Holiday Lookbook, it's worth your time. 

3.1 Phillip Lim - Beautiful bags; no less expected
Vibrant eye catching gold 
3.1 Phillip Lim- 31 Minute leather-tri
There is something so captivating about this small gold bag enclosed in the larger transparent bag.
I wonder how it functions, though. 
3.1 Phillip Lim- Gold Pashli Satchel
The cousin of my lovely black one.
Only if i had brought myself to buying this one.
Textured gold detail 
rag & bone- Skinny Leather Jean
I think its relatively genius, how rag & bone combined a leather and metallic pant.
two birds, one stone.

Gig Brasil- Gold Lurex Tank Dress: Black
Beautiful and Elegant
Flattering shape, perfect for the holidays

Modelled in Intermix's 2012 Holiday Lookbook
which is also full of other perfect holidays dresses and outfits
You know how i love the holidays ;)

Massimo Dutti- Alpaca Shimmer Fantasy Round Neck Sweater

Gold detail, weaved into sweater
Having a field day in the Marni section of the shoe department in Barney's
Marni shoes.. words cannot describe.
I have forever been crushing on the red creeper-like ones.
But they made me feel too much like, i don't know, Alice in Wonderland, or something.
Oh well... Maybe next time. 
Marni- Cap Toe Platform Pump
Feelings of success when I walked out with these babies. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Valentino in Saks

The sparkle of all the beautiful bags being, complimented by the wonderful festive decorations,occupying a majority of Saks Fifth Avenue's ceiling Is really triggering my annual holiday craze and bringing me a lot of blissfulness with it.

While I'm sitting in Saks' delicious 'Cafe SFA' I'm coming to realize how extremely necessary it is to share the pictures I just took of 3 stunning Valentino bags.

At first glance I was apprehensive about loving them. Thankfully they're 'double-take' material, because when I looked back I realized that although extravagant, they are Absolutely beautiful; about first on the list of bags I wish to see on my shoulder. (Ofcourse still a runner up to my new best friend Pashli satchel, whom I will tell you about later)