Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Crosley AV room portable USB Turntable

So I have some very pleasant news to share, that after searching high an low calling every record store in Toronto I finally found the perfect record player! A Crosley suitcase-like leather box that is very retro and exactly what I had in mind! First i tried out the 2 newest to my collection.

Lana Del Rey- an artist who properly carries the ‘Pop’ genre, really, she is awesome I literally can’t get enough. I have more unpublished music of hers than not. The real, raw stuff is the best.

The xx- Such an easy listen with really great lyrics and beautiful voices. They’re like win win. My vinyl album had a song I hadn’t heard before called ‘Hot Like Fire’ which is now my favorite. I believe it’s a cover of an Aaliyah song.

And on top of all that awesomeness I found part of my dads old collection so I’m nearing 60 records now! Fair start, i'd say. It feels pretty great knowing I have the base of classic rock sitting in a box beside my bed.

I would have never guessed i'd love a hunk of plastic so much. Like when you put the needle down on the spinning record and the music starts playing its nothing like a laptop experience. The music seems so much more real.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Doing some browsing earlier today to get a sense of what’s what for spring , per usual, led me straight through the doors of Céline.

With only time to sift through the shoes, bags and glasses, on their own a knockout combination. Structured bags and cat-eyes at its finest.

The longed for glasses seem to evolve daily, before I can be decisive enough to get my hands on a pair.  Same for the shoes. The once very block like platformed shoes I once failed to get approval on have now altered to a slimmer platform, with more of a heel-type-thing but still creeper-like as ever.  Which of course my mom ended up buying this time around. I totally influenced that purchase….

When she showed them to me with such satisfaction, I made her try them on… and who would have ever guessed! They fit a lil snug… Ha. Ha. I wouldn’t be too surprised if those shoed ended up in my closet… and on my feet, a little bit more than originally planned. Whoever controls these size mishaps always seems to have my best interests in mind. Thanks! 

90MM Multiples Pump-black/sunflower suede
90MM Multiples Pump-black/flesh suede
These are the exact ones my mom bought
such a unique shoe

90MM Multiples Pump-black/dark red suede

90 MM multiples ankle strap pump in black/ lipstick red suede
90MM Multiples Pump-black/black suede
110 MM flared heel pump in black suede goatskin
I've seen a bottom-heavy heal like this before made by other designers, its a great look.
Very unusual but still simple.

i couldn't find any images of the sunglasses on the official website, but here are a few to get an idea. Love.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Or a few toned, occasionally works too.
I left the amazing…and shop-less Costa Rica today and am back in Florida. 
Figured I need to catch up on…. Well… everything.
I’m liking the two-toned pieces. Mainly shirts (from what I've seen so far, but maybe skirts could be cool too).
If you wear too much you’re at the risk of looking like a block character (which is a fully figure of my imagination) but otherwise they’re good for spring! Colorful… oooh yea.

Nasty Gal- By: MINK PINK
Erika Shirt

Nasty Gal- Sugar High Blouse
Verging on the Block characters of my imagination, but not quite there.
I totally love this and all the colors, pastels mixed with a bright color.
Obviously this is a dream.

Nasty Gal- Neon Pop Shorts
The shorts are pretty awesome on their own, but if you get a flash of the fuchsia its even better.

Nasty Gal- Trimmed Pocket Blouse
i really like the two colors of this blouse together, although i could do without the metal like buttons.
I'd assume it appears differently in person. Benefit of the doubt..
All in all, great shirt. love peach for the spring. 

Nasty Gal- Lace Pocket Blouse
MMM! Pastel purple mixed with white, so peaceful looking.
Definitely not as bright as the other two-tones, but my closet is craving this shirt. seriously. 

Nasty Gal- Colorblock Racer Tank
Not as suitable for my general style, with the block of black against the hot pink, BUT i do like it in this case.  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nothing Out of the Ordinary

So, as I write this I am on the way to my hotel in Costa Rica.
 And I just learned a few pretty awesome things.
    1. Did you know in some countries its not weird to see a heard of crocodiles on the side of the street? 
Yea, it was kinda frightening walking along a bridge contemplating being eaten whole
2.     There are more fruits in this world than just apples oranges and bananas!
I noticed earlier when a non English-speaking man insisted I try some bright purple chewy thing I couldn’t tell you the name of… I sort of felt like Willy Wonka… in the least weird way possible.

So far I have seen a couple store/huts that either sell crocodile beach-towels or an abundance of mysterious fruits, so I don’t suppose I’m going to be overwhelmed with blogging inspiration.

So in the meantime ill just post a few pictures of some required-to-be-in-my-closet things, very unrelated to my life at the moment. 
Dior- Cat-eye Sunglasses
 Those i nearly bought 2 weeks ago but last minute chose the following ones

Prada Sunglasses

I was dealing with a magically persuasive sales person, obviously, but I'm happy with the choice.
They're much more Audrey Hepburn-esc in real life. 
i seem to often get the once over (twice over) confused glares when i wear them. Yea, Check.

Some good pastels. 
In Kensington market the other day i scored some $3, pastel green, crocheted, 1920's gloves... but they were for more of a joke...i suppose....
Even though it goes against my bright infatuation... whatever (seems to be the best explanation).

Shop Nasty Gal- Ibiza Cutout Swimsuit
By- Undrest
A nice one piece, would be nice. 
I like this one but i wouldn't label it as my favourite
I haven't found a favourite sadly, so in the meantime this should do.
Shop Nasty Gal- Cutout Lace Blouse
I have definitely been searching for the perfect shoulder-showing blouse, for a bit too long. 
But yea, seems as though i found it, if i ever get around to ordering it. 
Typical Protocol.

Shop Nasty Gal- Minimal Maxi Dress
By - Stylstalker

Back Showing (this much) + Maxi = Perfection

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


KONY 2012

I just watched one of the most inspiring videos, if not the most inspiring video i have seen in my life. 
At first without being aware of what it was about, i saw it was 30 minutes and i was discouraged to watch it but i am so glad i did, and i would be grateful if EVERYONE who sees this will do the same.







(felt the need to post that 6 times... just incase you missed it.)

although i obviously can't cover everything the video did, the mains points of this video include things i haven't been aware of my entire life; yet they have been going on for my entire life, and much longer. 

Kony is the worlds #1 criminal, he is the head of the LRA and he is of great power in africa.
Kony abducts children and forces them to kill. He turns young boys into soldiers who are forced to kill even their own parents, and he turns women into sex slaves. 
MANY powerful people have been working on arresting Kony for years and years but he has changed his tactics to make this more impossible than ever.
The only way to do this is to make Kony famous and absolutely NOT in a positive way.
He must be known worldwide so that this arrest can happen. 
How this works is much better explained in the video..
..Which again PLEASE WATCH. 
it is inspiring and touching beyond belief, i was in tears the entire time! 

along with that you can get the word out and raise awareness by purchasing any of the following. 
 Kony Action Kit
Kony 2012 Awarness Bracelets 
Kony Posters


AGAIN, watch the video!!!!!! it is so important that more people see this!
comments as well would be appreciated!