Monday, November 21, 2011


I just love the irony of looking for a certain item in all the right places and all the right times, yet finding it when not even scouting, at a random store one could not even tell you the name of.

Since last year when i first laid eyes on One Teaspoon's fox tails, i have been in love, and on that prowl. I don't know if it was when i scavenged high and low through the streets of downtown Toronto, or when i was on the lookout for stores, which apparently, don't even exist... somewhere along the lines i had given up.

Stange enough, a few weeks back when set out to vintage shop, i came across a quite eerie looking store.
Feeling apprehensive when making an entrance.. i went along. A great amount of joy came when i looked to the ceiling and found variety of fox tails hanging above my head.

After getting passed the uncomfortable attempt at flirting from the old sales man.. i finally made my purchase. Sometimes i worry... the measures i will go for fashion....
At least a great buy came out of it!

Below are two images. Although, i want to emphasize my apology on how poor the quality is. Not only is it depressing that it gets dark at 5pm... but it does not do the lighting in my room any justice either.

Fox Tail, hanging off of Alexander Wang Purse.

Fox tail... hanging off wall..

I cannot even express the amount of attention this fox tail attracted. 
Literally, i don't think i could walk through the mall for 10 minutes without receiving either a "OH MY do you know there is a fox hanging out of your purse?!?!" or a "AHH i need to feel it!" or better yet, someone casually just sneaking a touch, and for some illogical reason thinking i wouldn't notice? Really... You'd be surprised. 
Ha, the amusement.

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