Thursday, December 1, 2011


Aware that the pictures of what i bought on vacation a few weeks back are seriously over-due, i regret the fact i have gotten discouraged from my Foxy post, when i noticed how sad my pictures turn out. 
The bottom line is, i am going to have to replace the potentially lovely visuals (a better camera could have produced), with vivid explanations. 
God bless Steve Jobs, but this time Photo Booth just wont cut it.
Sincere apologies.

Things i'm liking lately/ bought:
1. Peter Pan collars 
2. Sheer button up's (which is obvious by now); i bought one in a deep green with a black peter pan collar... who ever designed this must have the power of reading my mind... 
3. Chiffon blouses, with an 'indecisive hem' (typically shorter in the front, trailing in the back)
4. Lace (yes very typical, i'm aware, but i found very fitted lace blouses, never seen something like it before)
5. Half fur vests. (fur on the inside suede/ leather on the out) 
6. Nicely shaped sweaters, to throw over collared tops. 

I did a lot of shopping at Zara, fantastic store when taken the time to dig through their mass amounts of clothing. Requires some patience...
Visited Mari, which is amazing, such great, unique, items found there. Highly recommend you to take a look if you get the chance. 

Again, apologies for not being able to take picture, i will post pictures of similar styles to those mentioned above. 

Zara- Blouse with Peter Pan collar
Zara- Lace shirt
this is the fitted lace shirt i actually bought. Although, i'm not the biggest fan of how it is being worn.
Don't make any conclusions of this style, on this picture... please :)

Velvet- Faux Shearling Vest
Bought this as well. Can't wait for the right weather, to finally wear it.
It shirt- UNIF; Shop Natsy Gal
This is a good example of the un-even hem i have really been liking lately.

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