Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Want Wings...

Happy to announce that tonight is the Victoria Secret Fashion show! 
The one night a year that peoples view on lingerie models, gets taken to a whole new level. 

So simply, i proclaim this to be my favourite program on television. 
Hooked at a young age (and i can bet you, its way younger than what your imagining), and every year since i have aspired more and more to become an angel.
why not dream big, right?

Promised that the fashion show will every year, exceed the greatness of shows prior, they have not yet managed to disappoint. 
My appreciation for this show is off the charts, they somehow pull it together so outrageously well, every single year. 
New Goal; In the future, have the honour of attending.
Only if i could ask Rumi how she did it. (Mentioned in second last post 'Liquid Metal')

Feeling the need to boast... i'll add i was so fortunate to see Heidi (and husband Seal) a few years back, at Nate 'n Al's diner in Beverly Hills. Heidi in the flesh... was... wow...

Candice opened the show.
Absolutely stunning.

Love the detail in the wings, and baby doll top.
Adriana is great. Colors are great. Loved the super-hero scene.

Very well structured. 

Absolutely one of my favourites. So bold and the colors work wonderfully together.
Great choice having Adriana model this one. 
Chanel Iman- one of my favourite angels.
She seems so sweet,  would love to meet her.

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