Saturday, December 21, 2013

Beauty of the Holidays

You know those days where you have to wake up, really early, and drag your ass to wherever you need to be- in my case… school. Its still sort of dark out and your half contemplating the extent of how terribly unhappy you are in this moment and half wondering WHY you aren’t just skipping yet another Monday morning art class. (I mean I love art but I don’t love anything before 9:30am…at least)

And then you have to throw on some scary puffy jacket and your hair is half straight and half in ringlets, and your mascara is already running down your face and your defining what it means to be a mess more and more by the second.

Well it was one of those days for me, but thankfully I snapped out of it when I realized that the holiday spirit is in the aiiiirrr. I got up, watched some Hepburn, painted my nails to resemble somewhat of a Christmas present, made some Christmas tea, listened to some Christmas classssics and now I even managed to write this blog post!

So this is my attempt at passing on the holiday joy to everyone else having one of those days. So below is sort of like a pre-holiday bad day survival kit. I mean- how could you not smile listening to Marilyn Monroe sing Santa Baby...?

Unless of course it’s a Monday… then all I can say is good luck to you….

Nespressos work everytime. Especially when its the limited addition christmas flavour <3 
Christmas nails... they aren't even that nice not that I look at them...
but then again- anything holiday-esque is nice.

Prospective christmas gifts... I recently discovered this jewellery designer Delfina Delettrez. Really friken awesome.
Excuse the screenshot.. you gotta do what you gotta do when it comes to christmas gifts, right?

They're not even my dogs!! This is the famous Marni and Cubby Beckerman (Beckerman Twins Dogs)
This was so cute that yes in fact I did have to screenshot their Instagram. And yes, I did then add a filter of my own and make it my background. 

NOW HAVE A LISTEN... and your day should pick up a bit!! Unless your scrouged or grinched or something is seriously the matter with you. 

Marilyn Monroe- Santa Baby

Dean Martin- Baby Its Cold Outside

One more thing, if your still the grinch then try watching The Bishop's Wife.
Christmas, Angels and Cary Grant - is it possible to not be cheered up after that?
I don't think so.. 
I mean, Cary Grant on his own should do the trick. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Designer Masterminds or Retail High?

You know those times when you spend a bit too long staring at something that’s so perfectly perfect? Then you have to hit yourself a few times, at first to break the daze and then again to snap back into reality to realize if its really that perfect or if you’ve just been shopping for a few hours too many (I think that’s what they call a retail high?.... ill take it!).

Then if your in the Alexander McQueen store you realize that yes, in fact it is THAT PERFECT, and you must then hit yourself again for not thinking of it yourself. But then you realize that you aren’t the genius that designs for McQueen… which explains why you didn’t think of it yourself.

I always find myself in the McQueen store just sort of drooling over the endless beauty and having ongoing flashbacks to the medieval times (not that I witnessed them or anything, but you know what I mean).

Like, why does the combination of pearls and gold and black and red have such a powerful affect one me? Woah, its kinda scary when I think about it- like hypnosis or something.

I think I always have the subconscious feeling that if I go into the McQueen store, some of the beauty will emanate onto me, and ill leave feeling just a bit more pearly and golden and medieval and, cool.  Then again I’d probably have to buy something for that to happen. Although I did try on a gold and pearl neck cuff, does that count for anything?
So Medieval. 

Please- See for yourself:

Do you see what I mean yet?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beckermans at JCrew

 Had a great time tonight at the Jcrew event hosted by the Beckerman twins, Sam and Cailli Beckerman- Writers of the BeckermanBiteplate.  Perks of living in Toronto, right?

No matter what month or season, JCrew always succeeds to make ‘preppy’ so friken appealing, even when I’ve convinced myself otherwise. But now I wonder, why would I ever convince myself otherwise? And all the sparkle really brings out even more of my premature holiday excitement. I mean, you walk into the store and everything is either jeweled, beaded or has some sort of metallic detail on it. Have you seen their accessories?!

Well, I got a half blurry insta with the Beckermans, and a holiday worthy shirt out of the night, AND the gift bag came with a reeeally nice bracelet- so I’d call it a success.

 Shop JCrew HERE
Seriously... do it. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Miley Cyrus... OMG

It seems boarder line illegal to mention that exceedingly controversial name and not state my life altering, game changing, overly opinionated life statement on the girl (or are we not allowed to call her a girl anymore!? :O)

However this isn’t a “is she or isn’t she a feminist” post- nor a post that’s debating her vulgarity or taking a stance on her ability to twerk. However if someone doesn’t start patrolling me, I cannot accept responsibility for the direction in which my rants may veer.

Is it possible to just get sick of controversy? I mean vagina this, nudity that, menstruation and masturbation! The M-squared! With all this Miley Cyrus and Petra Collins all over the place it is truly blurring the lines between who’s actually creating a movement and who’s just brainstorming ideas to write the next SNL skit.

I’m getting sick of all this controversy and everyone profusely shoving their believes down each others throat… we’re all starting to choke if you ask me.

So without further ado I am going to state my opinion…. Disregarding her half (or fully) naked endeavors, or her pornographic (or not pornographic?) Terry Richardson photo shoots… I must admit I do like how she accessorizes. Most of the time- I mean the times that don’t include double buns or a flailing tongue.

I remember reading an interview where she mentioned how she always has a big bag full of accessorize- from big Chanel chains and rings to ear cuffs and I’m assuming a few sticks of bright red lipstick. I must admit, I have always been a bit overly obsessed with wearing red lipstick, all day, everyday… I don’t see why not! Anyways… You never know when a duffle bag full of accessorize may come in handy, right? Miley, I may have to copy you on that idea.

And look… don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to hop on stage naked and bare all to billions of people with a foam finger and Robin Thicke by my side (not that I really had the option to begin with), but I also wouldn’t go as far as calling Miley a disgrace to all man kind. She’s clearly doing her thang… and if its really that disgusting then you better not buy a ticket to her concert! Noone is forcing anyone to watch her skimp around half nude!

If at this point my lack of depth has fazed you, or my not-meant-to-be-opinionated- but-opinionated-nonetheless post has irritated you, or if you’re just yawning at this point- at least you’ve read this far. I mean Miley seems so fascinating these days, if the joke on a dubble bubble wrapper was about her I bet you’d even read that!

Following are some pictures of her (better) accessorizing.

Ear Cuffs, Chains, Gold Cuffs.

The oversized chain bracelets, necklaces/ body chains and rings

Ear Cuff and Red Lips

Chanel Cuff, Necklace, Red Lips and White Nails... and you know what, I'm even liking the cherry in this picture.

How could one not want to wear that necklace? The white outfit with that necklace and the chain bracelets.... its a winner. Yep, its definitely a good one. 

This just makes me want to dress in all white, paint my nails white, throw this necklace on and some gold bracelets.
I really like this look. 

New goal: Buy a duffle bag

Next Goal: Fill it with said accessories.... this necklace and vintage Chanel, if were really getting specific here. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Mean Reds

“You know those days when you get the mean reds?... suddenly you’re afraid, and you don’t know what your afraid of…” as Audrey would put it.

Or in other words, you know those days when you’re feeling a bit sad, for no particular reason- and not knowing the cause of said feelings makes it a bit harder to get rid of them. “Well, when I get the mean reds the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany’s,” or in my case, last weekend- Bal Habour.

Retail therapy: the best way to rid oneself of unknown, unwanted feelings. Well that and eating chocolate, a lot of chocolate. Maybe throw in an iced aroma light or two and some Breakfast at Tiffany’s, for best results…(which I’ve obviously been watching too much of lately). But before I make this more complicated than it needs to be just remember: RETAIL THERAPY- works like a charm.

This past weekend, said feelings scraped up some good ol’ buys- take a look:

Retrosuperfuture - Ilaria Silver
Never stop discovering new designers for sunglasses- Love this line
Miu Miu- Pointed Toe Ankle Boot

AllSaints- Canada Mini Split Lucille Skirt
Alice + Olivia - Polka Dot Cropped Top
This is the best picture I could find... 

Jimmy Choo- Youth Soft Biker Leather Boots
Sucha classic and necessary staple to ones closet. I feel a little bit more complete and prepared to share the winter with these babies.

Helmut Lang- Crash Jacquard Leather Jacket
I got it in black, and right now I'm contemplating what my values towards colors are.... the red is just so nice, how does one choose?

I was considering not writing 'Helmut Lang' in the description of this jacket because, well, isn't it just so obvious that a jacket with this degree of perfection is in fact, Helmut Lang?!
Its just so impossible for him to create a jacket that is anything but perfect. Some may even say flawless. Yep, definitely flawless.
and I am clearly passionate about this topic... 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Beware of Heavy Machinery

Stella McCartney- redefining platforms and making you proud to know that you look like your operating a CAT machine.

Oh yea, and check out the back of these dresses- you'll look even better when you're walking away. It comes in handy sometimes. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Uncontrollable Fait

A guilt-ridden splurge on a dress for an event that was not entirely guaranteed to be part of my near future, ended in an outcome as uncertain and uncontrollable as the process itself.

And now again in English: I bought the perfect elaborately-elegant dress that I originally thought only existed in my deepest and most hallowed dreams. Excited to wear it to an event that is referred to as ‘Bat Ball’ aka ‘Prom’, at a school I do not attend, nor – at the time- did I have an invite to. 

And although the invite was eventually nice, I could have done without the fact that the dress code read ‘Gowns’ defeating all chances any of us had at looking different from one another.

At which point my strategic planning ahead backfired, leaving me with one week to find a gown. Of which two of those days are occupied by a holiday and a photo shoot, and 4 of them I more or less should be at school rather than downtown.

Here is a picture of my uncontrollable and now tragically irrelevant first purchase

Diane Von Furstenberg- Pauline Dress

Now... only if Jenny Packham gowns were in the picture for me- it'd make my life a whole lot easier. 

Along the lines of the following... would be really nice.

How could you possibly resist?!

Well.... isn't this just the sweetest?!

A little bit of that never hurt anyone...

But I am left with wavering uncertainty and the question: Will I or will I not find a gown AND manage to not look like I draped my duvet over myself?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Calling On Pastels

When I was in New York back in November with my mother, I remember saying, after scouring the many department store “Lets make a bet… that the spring colors will be pastels”. I couldn’t be gladder my psychic tendencies didn’t fail me on this one.

So I’m not really sure what I’m more excited for now; spring itself, or the fact that its going to be somewhat of a time warp back to an era that I sort of do, sort of don’t wish I lived in…. I mean, I’m pretty sure all girls are programmed to go weak in the presence of the perfect shade of pink.

Chanel Creepers

Current shoe crush, mainly because they're the best mix between bizarre and beautiful, that i've ever seen.
Gladly, my clever mother bought them in black, and although it isn't quite the same as pastel, i think i can make an exception.
Oh ya, forgot to mention that obviously i'll be claiming those shoes soon enough.
At times like this i really appreciate the genetic similarities my mother and i have in foot size.

3.1 Phillip Lim- Corded Motorcycle Jacket

I'm only not shocked by this unrealistically beautiful creation because, well, its Phillip Lim.
What else would i expect?
Spectrum Moto Jeans- Nasty Gal

Chloé Spring 2013 Collection


Double Silk Georgette One Shoulder Dress- Violet
"Peony" Cuff In Resin and Gold Brass
"Newlynn" Platform Sandal in Nappa Lamskin- Bianco

Crepe de Chine Jumpsuit- Off White
"Newlynn" Platform Sandal in Nappa Lambskin- Budino


Textured Cotton Sweater- White
Light Panama Pants- Off White
Cotton Pique Jacket- White
"Newlynn" Platform Sandal in Nappa Lambskin- Nero

Light Silk Mix Dress- Wisteria Violet
"Newlynn" Platform Sandal in Nappa Lambskin- Bianco
Heavy Crepe Top- White
Heavy Crepe Skirt- Dusty Blue
"Gala" Sandal in Nubuck Python and Calfskin- Nero

Kristina Bazan- From the Katyure
Wearing that perfect irresistible shade of pink.
Along with my fovrite "soon to be mine" Louis Vuitton Alma bag
This picture has been on my computer for too many years now, so what better time to put it to use! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Roger Vivier...Why Not?

So, on a long car ride home from a dinner on Lincoln road, I got thinking back to when… I had an invalid animosity towards the perfect pair of Manolo’s. Now don’t get me wrong, this was OBIOUSLY a while back, during a much more naïve and uncertain time period in my existence; its safe to say that version of me is long gone. Thankfully it became more apparent that the perfect pair of sleek and ‘proper’ Manolo’s, is a necessity to find the equilibrium to an otherwise unconventional outfit.

And this all is relevant to the point because, It reminded me of the other day when I penalized the Roger Vivier section of the various grand department stores in New York, because I foolishly prejudged them to be ‘too proper’ to suit my provisional ‘not-quite-the-queen-of-England’ wardrobe. Well once again, thankfully I can say, I was misguided. I don’t see why you can’t treat Roger Vivier as a relatively more lavish form of Manolo’s (well, that statement is not always true, but you get the just). I’m thinking, why not dress them to suit the occasion; at this point once I acquire a pair myself, I may just end up wearing them everyday. Because, why not?

Roger Vivier
Belle De Nuit Strass