Friday, December 16, 2011

Feeling Festive

After returning home from one of my last nights spent in the city, before embarking on my longed for Christmas vacation. Quite frankly I have a desperate urge to blog, at this time in the morning. While snuggling up in my duvet being clothed in my lovely reindeer pajamas with a desire to be festive, (possibly in response to my ‘wild’ party tonight that managed to transform into people singing Christmas carols while gathered around a tree) I feel the need to share the festivity.

Sweaters; warm, cozy, classic, sweaters. I find every year once the snow is no longer present, the relationship between sweaters and I find some serious closure.  And then just like routine, once the snow returns and as does the chilly-ness, my collection of sweaters is brought right back out. Currently in this state of mind, I wonder why not wear a simple sweater every once in a while. When paired with the right outfit, people would never actually be able to tell the comfort you’re feeling in your outfit, for once…

For some ideas, Theory, Vince and One Teaspoon make great sweaters. And there are so many great styles as well; long, cropped, oversized, striped, uneven hem and cardigans, to name a few,.

Actually tonight I wore my gold J-Crew Cardigan over my silk, half lace, lingerie looking shirt I scored at value village,  and in my opinion, I thought it looked pretty sharp.

Free People- Laguna Coast V-Neck Pullover
I actually own this one, for some odd reason the picture doesn't seem fully accurate looking to me.
But this is a great sweater to just throw on, its sufficiently oversized for. 

Free People- Speckled Ribbed Pullover
Love the color blend of this. 
Theory- Chunky Silk Hadar
Great colors and patterning, suitable for the occasion of festivities. 
Vince- Chunky Sweater
This sweater literally is a representation of the word 'chunky'. Although it is not stiff, it fits well and typically comes across as quite flattering.
I'd just like to add, i apologize for the rushed-ness of this blog post, my eyes are struggling to stay open as i write this, considering it is 2 in the morning. 

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