Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Its getting chilly again....

Soooo, first of all i just want to apologize for having not blogged ALL summer. but i decided its been tooo long , time to get back on track!

Anyways, despite the fact it was a miraculously warm weekend, giving us one last chance to bring out the shorts.. it is almost the middle of october already! meaning.. its most definitely fall. we can all brace for the cold because it should be back soon enough.
...and although i'm sure for the most part we hate to see the summer go... the cold weather is also a signal to bring out the best (in my opinion) wardrobe of the year. As i have mentioned before, dressing for fall is my favourite!

Now, before you decide to go and whip out your 'Can-Goo', Black leggings and uggs, Here are some other more.. unique styles to go for this fall.

Lately, i have been loving the "furry" look. whether its a fuzzy looking cardigan to a fur vest, it looks awesome.

All of the following images are from the website Shop Nasty Gal.
Eddie Faux Fur Coat

Sonia Shag Jacket

Abbey Faux Fur Coat

Velvet is also an amazing material to be wearing this fall! In particular, velvet pants are super unique, and look amazing. 
Velvet Skinny Jeans-Wine
*this colour is amazing, for any piece. It stands out but not too flashy. 

Velvet Skinny Jeans- Navy
These skirts, (or others similar) are one of my favourite pieces over everything, if i had the height and could pull them off, i would live in them. Anyways.. if your willing to pull them off then try the Asymmetric/ Unevenly cut skirt, (i guess is what i will call them) i want to refer to them as maxi skirts but i guess there not really considered so.

Asymmetric Chiffon skirt- Blush
i also love this blush colour. its great for sheer button ups.

Asymmetric chiffon skirt- polka dot
I'm not yet a big fan of polka dots, but for this skirt i just find that
with the mix between the colours and fabric, it works really nicely.

Pleated Chiffon Skirt.
i wouldn't say this falls under the same category as the other skirts,
but i love this one as well.  i think pleated skirts like this are great.
they also look good at a longer length or even maxi.

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