Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Once you get passed all the stress of balancing your work and figuring out what you're going to wear etc. finally attending the show is like a nice, breath of fresh air.

Todays shows 'Tosca Delfino' was easily one of my favourite shows i have attended (out of the ohh so many, on that lengthly list of mine.... ) it was a swim suit line like i mentioned in a previous post.
I was just expecting some beautiful models strutting down the runway in sleek bathing suits and maybe some upbeat music to set the tone.
But the designs of these swim suits were outstanding.
It seemed as though the designer gave himself no boundaries as to how he would design these swim suits. From high waisted bottoms with cutouts all down the side, to high necked tops, it was amazing how he managed to incorporate these complex styles while using such minimal fabric.
The show as well was very well put together, there were waves/ a beach projected on the wall at the top of the runway, great upbeat music playing, and the models looked rugged with their wavy hair tied back into a messy fishtail braid.

As for myself,  in the end i figured out an outfit that i was pretty happy with.

My friend Julia (who i went with) has all the pictures from tonight so as soon as i get a hold of them i will post them.

All in all, it was a great success, i can't wait for the next show.
Yep... tomorrow is dedicated to choosing my outfit, so the chaos hasn't begun just yet...

-Ruth Rumack

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