Thursday, October 13, 2011


If you have never heard of them, it may strike you as a weird name for a style of shoes. This particular design has been around for quite a while now, and it seems to be starting to make its way back.
..Ahhh don't you just love when that happens? i know i do.

To name a few, this high platformed shoe has been shown in Prada, Burberry and Jeffrey Campbell collections. They are outstanding. So unique. They would look great paired with socks, either low bunched up socks, or thigh highs. As would they go well with tights, and anything else for that matter.
Just like i did with the Lita before i found my first pair, i am once again SEARCHING high and low for the perfect style in these shoes.
...i think i might have found it in the burberry collection, although its not the standard style of a creeper shoe, it still has the same effect and its absolutely STUNNING.

SUCH Chaotic Sanity. ;)


Jeffrey Campbell Creepers
The other Jeffrey Campbell creepers in this style come in numerous colours
some of them i find are a bit much, unless of course paired with the perfect outfit.
but these are the perfect colours.

A different style of Jeffrey Campbell creepers.
Just look at the platform on these, its INSANITY. yet amazing.

I don't have the most reassuring source as to who makes these,
 but they are said to be free people. so lets go with that.

I apologize for this not being the greatest image, but i got it off of so i couldn't get a larger size
these are the original Prada creepers, Jeffrey Campbell makes a similar pair with almost identical colours.

And lastly, below are my favourite creepers. Burberry. They don't have as much of an edgy look to them but i think they are extremely versatile and just absolutely stunning. You could pair them with practically anything. 
I long to get these.

As aposed to just having a platform, these have a small heel as well, separated from the platform of the rest of the shoe.
I love this slightly altered style of Creepers.
Burberry also makes a shoe with the same shape as this one, but a different style. 

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