Monday, October 17, 2011

LG fashion week

Once again the greatest time of year comes around.. Toronto's LG  fashion week.

This year I'm working on attending more shows than i have in the past, although currently the amount of school work i have is just not doing me justice for that matter...

I managed to dedicate tonight to strictly choosing what i will be wearing to tomorrows show which i believe is Tosca Delfino. Which from my understanding is a swimwear line that i think will be fantastic to see on the runway.

I really don't know what i am going to wear. i made a shopping trip this weekend in attempt to find the perfect thing, yet nothing stood out.
Looks i am considering are a black sleek outfit ( i was thinking leather or sheer, or both) a bold chunky shoe and then top it off with some sort of fur asset, like a jacket or vest.
Hmmmm, so tricky

if anyone has input i would love for your comments.

...and yet i am still to decide on how i am going to wear my hair, makeup and accessorize...

questions questions questions

-Ruth Rumack

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