Monday, October 31, 2011

Accessorize, i dare you.

Wanting to write another blog post, yet being unsure of what to blog about (quite unusual..) I decided to see if Shop Nasty Gal got anything new.

I came across a re-occuring style, of accessories. Large and shapely.
Up until now I've never been so keen on loading up on necklaces / bracelets to complete an outfit, but wow, have I changed my mind.
I need to get my hands on some of these.

I feel like it almost reminds me of some kind of, egyptian goddess.
Take a look for yourself:

Double Crescent Necklace.

Cutout Triangle Earring.

Pirate Romance- Asymmetric Spike Earrings.
I particularly like how they are uneven lengths. 

Tribal Fringe Necklace.
I find this sits really well, mid chest. 
House of Harlow- Totem Pole Necklace
this is one of my favourites.

New Angle Necklace.
This is my favourite. I thinks its great, how large the pendant of this necklace is.
Not to mention.. it is a whopping total of $20... could this get any better?

Cutout Collar Necklace. 

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