Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Stuff!

Hey guys!
sorry i haven't been writing lately, school has been pretty hectic and i haven't had the time!

But anyways, almost 2 weeks ago was my birthday (May 2nd)! and i decided...well, instead of going out and looking for things i like, why not just order the things i ALREADY know i like, offline. My favourite online website Shop Nasty Gal is honestly, filled with clothing that make me speechless. I have mentioned it many times before in previous blog posts, so i will try my best not to rant anymore. They had just gotten a new batch of spring clothing in, that i could NOT wait to get my hands on.
Well what better a reason to splurge on clothing then a birthday... am i right? ;)

My parents agreed to letting me chose a bunch of things i liked and ordering them for my birthday present. Devastatingly, my favourite lilac Lita's were out of stock so i couldn't order them.. but thats alright because all the other pieces i got made up for that!

All these clothes are soooo versatile. They can be casual or they could be dressed up. You could whip them on to go just about anywhere, and it will look like you spent years trying to put you're outfit together. They are so simple yet so different.

Now, i would normally go on with explaining these items to you, but instead i will just post pictures so you get a better idea, they speak for themselves!

high wasted jeans. Pretty color for spring :)
can be worn WHENEVER 
'Cheap monday, Second skin jeans. super light blue'

'Denim chap leggings'
Very unique
'Cross bow tank- Sky blue'

Plain and delicate looking. Surprising in the back.
Out of the ordinary, pretty color for spring. 
'NTICE jaws track shorts'
could wear them anywhere. simple yet different.
Speaks for itself, i believe. 
'Bound Back Romper'
'Eryn Brinie cuffed sweat shorts'
You could wear these with so many different things.
yet they are so unique looking.
'Holy stud cut off shorts'
SO simple and SOOO VERY comfortable
yet you could wear these out with heels 
Typically, i got these lace thigh highs. I've been looking for a good pair and these are them! I know they aren't technically spring/ summer... but who said we can't make it work, right? ;)


  1. Ah:) I have that bound back romper as well :) Although, I'm having trouble finding underwear to wear with it.. what do you wear underneath? haha sorry if the question is like to personal or something :))

  2. Hey! sorry for the late response... i sadly never got a chance to wear mine! but i'm guessing u could go for any seamless nude colored one.