Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can't make up my mind.

Typically, I tend to navigate towards the clunky, bold looking, shoe. I just naturally like a thick platformed, large, super high, heavy weighted shoe. I'm sure this has become obvious by now, due to my endless posts obsessing over Jeffrey Campbell's 'Lita" (and practically any other bold looking shoe).
But now, I have come across the polar opposite shoe. Practically no platform, thin heeled (minimal hight), not busy, not detailed.. Alexander Wang shoe.
Clearly I tend to go for extremes.. 
This thin heeled, thin strapped plain 'Fabiana' shoe, was screaming "you need me in your closet" the first time i saw it. 
It has this awesome "cape", draped from the back of the shoe, over the heel. Which I love.. but the good thing is, if you don't always feel like looking like a superhero.. the "cape" is removable.

So beautifully simple. 
While I'm at it, I'll go ahead and post some other shoes that have the same "Plain" look to them, that I find fantastic.

"Black Alex" Alexander Wang.
Removable rabbit fur trim on heel.
Very unique. 

And here is the exact opposite type of shoe, that i just need to share with the world of bloggers. 
They're fantastic. Waiting for the day I bring myself to buy them.

"Jemma Platformed Shoe- Color: Wine" Dolce Vita.
These shoes on their own, aren't much to catch the eye (except for their shocking color of course.)
But when I saw them being modelled with an outfit they were hardly compatible with, they popped, and looked amazing. 

CĂ©line- platformed shoes.
Rumi- Fashiontoast, always wears these shoes.
I have fallen in love...

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