Monday, October 24, 2011

I can see in colour.

So lately, i have been seeing a lot of styles/ outfits, involving colour. Now yes i'm aware this isn't a "newly in-style, type thing" but its really been standing out me lately in sort of a different type of way.
I will always be a fan of neutrals, but i think its about time to brighten things up. One of my favourite Fashion Icons, the blogger/ model of FashionToast (which i'm sure many of you have heard about), oftentimes seems to dress in colour. And for some reason (well i guess its quit apparent why) it always seems to catch my eye.

now i'm not saying you need a dress in every colour of the rainbow, but for a change, i think its a great look.
Here are some pictures:

Pink sweater, Zara
this post is called "pink sunday"
its great
Now, not so much the "colour" theme in this picture, although... she is wearing silver pants.
... i need those in my closet. 

Great shorts (colour wise)
on another note though... i love the shoes, and the bag
generally, just an amazing outfit above.

Bright yellow dress.
Was worn to a fashion show, absolutely amazing. so striking.
Not to mention she happens to be wearing my favourite shoes of all time right about now...

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