Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Animals are quite lucky... they get it for free

Yes, got to love those Prints and Furs.
Although, i may be over stepping by saying these animals are lucky seeing as we end up wearing their fur.. It is hardly valid to say they're 'Lucky'. But that is a different story...
I just happened to be daydreaming in class while scrolling through Fashiontoast. (if my teacher happens to be reading this... i do apologize..) and i saw all these patterns, and all these different types of fur.
...For the first time i really put some thought into it and i've came to the conclusion; it really is fascinating how these patterns, and these materials, are one out of a not so long list of things, that are NOT man-made.

Although some people are very Anti-Fur (and i highly respect those of you who are) i have just gained such a greater appreciation for designs like these.

Leopard print bag.
(Once again, my favourite shoes appear... stop taunting me please.)
Theory Fur Bag.

Photo taken off of Fashiontoast
"Black and Whiles from the Mulberry show"

And then of course, if you are an "Anti-Fur" believer, then Faux Fur is for you.
I must admit, just because it doesn't feel the same, doesn't mean it doesn't look just as good. 
Chelsea Shearling Coat- Shop Nasty Gal
(A favourite of mine- As well as marked under the "we love" section of Shop Nasty Gal)

Spotted Faux Fur Coat- Shop Nasty Gal
(another favourite of mine)
Nearly bought this, last minute decided otherwise. Someone please remind me why....?


  1. The burberry shoes . . . beyond words!

  2. Tell me about it... Need to get my hands on those, desperately!