Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All Bright Everything.

I have never really been so fond of following the cliché ‘trends’ of the moment.
Mind you, I do really enjoy predicting what will be next.
Not saying I’m always right, but it is an amusing process.
Right now its more of a fact than it is a prediction, but prepare to be seeing ‘all bright everything’.
Well I don’t actually want to be held to stating that ‘everything’ will be bright, but I have already been seeing this trend appearing in Alexander Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Robert Rodriguez. (That is only to name a few that I can remember at the moment)
Mainly a lot of Pinks, reds and chartreuse. A lot of chartreuse.
There has also been loads of royal blue (which I guess could also be considered a bright color).
Literally, have seen that color in dresses sweaters shirts shorts and skirts.

Brights have not seized to appear in make-up as well. At moments like now I wish I had a photographic memory, but without being able to name any, many brands have been introducing a bright orange-red lipstick.
Taking a long shot here, Im going to say Bobbi Brown and Lancome. To name the few i can remember.
Funny how I ended up buying this color a year ago after seeing it worn on a few models. Sadly I got discouraged when every time I wore it people seemed to think I resembled a clown… realistically that didn’t discourage me at all. Ha.

Alexander Wang- Cobalt Hooded Tunic With Cellaphane Stripe Trim
This is one appearance of royal blue.
Alexander Wang- Granite Draped Color Blocked Tanks
I love the randomness- yet not, of this shirt. The way it just hangs in any which way always works to look flattering.
Diane Von Furstenberg- Taya Dress
Great bright color, referred to as 'light lime".
As i am writing this post, i'm being more and more provoked into buying an item of this color. 
Robert Rodriguez- Colorblock Asymmetric Silk Dress.
Absolutely love this. Those colors go great together and the un-even hem is lovely.
As for the make-up:

These are two of the models i saw wearing the bright lipstick.

 It such a bold color. It looks great when warn with generally other nude looking make-up
Bobbi Brown- Atomic Orange
This is the perfect lip stick if you like the color.
Bobbi Brown managed to get the perfect mix between red and orange. 
Hopefully now I can wear this color without being looked at like a clown.

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