Sunday, November 6, 2011


Sadly, this week i have been lacking in inspiration, for things to blog about. 
On the other hand, luckily this weekend consisted of lots, of shopping. What better way to gain inspiration, correct?
I often, came across this one style of clothing, that as it appeared it just grew on me, more and more. 
I have seen Kimono's on many online websites, featured on multiple models and being sold in stores.

This time i really paid attention, to how beautiful and unique they actually are. I'm not really referring to a traditional Japanese kimono (although I'm sure those are quite beautiful as well) more so a slightly more urban style of kimono. 
Only if the cold weather was still out of sight, it would have been more sensible for me to actually buy one of these. 
Although, holiday time is coming up soon, meaning travelling...which I'm guessing is a decent excuse to make the purchase.... right?

Take a look at the styles below, and i would love for your input!

Fringed Lace Kimono- Cream
Wow, this is beautiful. The fringes on the bottoms finish it off well. 

Garden Kimono Jacket
the color/ fabric of the kimono mixed with the color of the lace shoulders, are really complementary for one another.

Desert Rose Fringe Jacket
Although its less practical to wear with just about anything, i really like this one because it gives me a sense of a traditional kimono.

Lace Kimono Jacket
The colors and the fabrics work very well together. Gives off a very elegant look. 

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