Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beckermans at JCrew

 Had a great time tonight at the Jcrew event hosted by the Beckerman twins, Sam and Cailli Beckerman- Writers of the BeckermanBiteplate.  Perks of living in Toronto, right?

No matter what month or season, JCrew always succeeds to make ‘preppy’ so friken appealing, even when I’ve convinced myself otherwise. But now I wonder, why would I ever convince myself otherwise? And all the sparkle really brings out even more of my premature holiday excitement. I mean, you walk into the store and everything is either jeweled, beaded or has some sort of metallic detail on it. Have you seen their accessories?!

Well, I got a half blurry insta with the Beckermans, and a holiday worthy shirt out of the night, AND the gift bag came with a reeeally nice bracelet- so I’d call it a success.

 Shop JCrew HERE
Seriously... do it. 

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