Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Miley Cyrus... OMG

It seems boarder line illegal to mention that exceedingly controversial name and not state my life altering, game changing, overly opinionated life statement on the girl (or are we not allowed to call her a girl anymore!? :O)

However this isn’t a “is she or isn’t she a feminist” post- nor a post that’s debating her vulgarity or taking a stance on her ability to twerk. However if someone doesn’t start patrolling me, I cannot accept responsibility for the direction in which my rants may veer.

Is it possible to just get sick of controversy? I mean vagina this, nudity that, menstruation and masturbation! The M-squared! With all this Miley Cyrus and Petra Collins all over the place it is truly blurring the lines between who’s actually creating a movement and who’s just brainstorming ideas to write the next SNL skit.

I’m getting sick of all this controversy and everyone profusely shoving their believes down each others throat… we’re all starting to choke if you ask me.

So without further ado I am going to state my opinion…. Disregarding her half (or fully) naked endeavors, or her pornographic (or not pornographic?) Terry Richardson photo shoots… I must admit I do like how she accessorizes. Most of the time- I mean the times that don’t include double buns or a flailing tongue.

I remember reading an interview where she mentioned how she always has a big bag full of accessorize- from big Chanel chains and rings to ear cuffs and I’m assuming a few sticks of bright red lipstick. I must admit, I have always been a bit overly obsessed with wearing red lipstick, all day, everyday… I don’t see why not! Anyways… You never know when a duffle bag full of accessorize may come in handy, right? Miley, I may have to copy you on that idea.

And look… don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to hop on stage naked and bare all to billions of people with a foam finger and Robin Thicke by my side (not that I really had the option to begin with), but I also wouldn’t go as far as calling Miley a disgrace to all man kind. She’s clearly doing her thang… and if its really that disgusting then you better not buy a ticket to her concert! Noone is forcing anyone to watch her skimp around half nude!

If at this point my lack of depth has fazed you, or my not-meant-to-be-opinionated- but-opinionated-nonetheless post has irritated you, or if you’re just yawning at this point- at least you’ve read this far. I mean Miley seems so fascinating these days, if the joke on a dubble bubble wrapper was about her I bet you’d even read that!

Following are some pictures of her (better) accessorizing.

Ear Cuffs, Chains, Gold Cuffs.

The oversized chain bracelets, necklaces/ body chains and rings

Ear Cuff and Red Lips

Chanel Cuff, Necklace, Red Lips and White Nails... and you know what, I'm even liking the cherry in this picture.

How could one not want to wear that necklace? The white outfit with that necklace and the chain bracelets.... its a winner. Yep, its definitely a good one. 

This just makes me want to dress in all white, paint my nails white, throw this necklace on and some gold bracelets.
I really like this look. 

New goal: Buy a duffle bag

Next Goal: Fill it with said accessories.... this necklace and vintage Chanel, if were really getting specific here. 

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