Saturday, January 5, 2013

Roger Vivier...Why Not?

So, on a long car ride home from a dinner on Lincoln road, I got thinking back to when… I had an invalid animosity towards the perfect pair of Manolo’s. Now don’t get me wrong, this was OBIOUSLY a while back, during a much more naïve and uncertain time period in my existence; its safe to say that version of me is long gone. Thankfully it became more apparent that the perfect pair of sleek and ‘proper’ Manolo’s, is a necessity to find the equilibrium to an otherwise unconventional outfit.

And this all is relevant to the point because, It reminded me of the other day when I penalized the Roger Vivier section of the various grand department stores in New York, because I foolishly prejudged them to be ‘too proper’ to suit my provisional ‘not-quite-the-queen-of-England’ wardrobe. Well once again, thankfully I can say, I was misguided. I don’t see why you can’t treat Roger Vivier as a relatively more lavish form of Manolo’s (well, that statement is not always true, but you get the just). I’m thinking, why not dress them to suit the occasion; at this point once I acquire a pair myself, I may just end up wearing them everyday. Because, why not?

Roger Vivier
Belle De Nuit Strass

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