Thursday, March 28, 2013

Uncontrollable Fait

A guilt-ridden splurge on a dress for an event that was not entirely guaranteed to be part of my near future, ended in an outcome as uncertain and uncontrollable as the process itself.

And now again in English: I bought the perfect elaborately-elegant dress that I originally thought only existed in my deepest and most hallowed dreams. Excited to wear it to an event that is referred to as ‘Bat Ball’ aka ‘Prom’, at a school I do not attend, nor – at the time- did I have an invite to. 

And although the invite was eventually nice, I could have done without the fact that the dress code read ‘Gowns’ defeating all chances any of us had at looking different from one another.

At which point my strategic planning ahead backfired, leaving me with one week to find a gown. Of which two of those days are occupied by a holiday and a photo shoot, and 4 of them I more or less should be at school rather than downtown.

Here is a picture of my uncontrollable and now tragically irrelevant first purchase

Diane Von Furstenberg- Pauline Dress

Now... only if Jenny Packham gowns were in the picture for me- it'd make my life a whole lot easier. 

Along the lines of the following... would be really nice.

How could you possibly resist?!

Well.... isn't this just the sweetest?!

A little bit of that never hurt anyone...

But I am left with wavering uncertainty and the question: Will I or will I not find a gown AND manage to not look like I draped my duvet over myself?

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