Sunday, February 5, 2012

Long and Lustrous

Previously mentioned in All I Want For Christmas is.... Good Question is my yearn for a “jeweled dress”.
When online-shopping induced, my “wish list” changes rapidly.
 Currently right up there on my list is LONG jeweled dress. Long and Lustrous.
Ever notice the word lustrous consists of the word… lust? That was definitely on purpose.

Skimming the floor, To the floor, trailing behind you as you walk. I mean long. All the more material, just means more space, for greatness.
A new favorite of mine is the line, Shakuhachi. What a mouth full. Although your jaw will drop once you see the collections.

Willow Maxi Dress- Shakuhachi (on Shop Nasty Gal)
Can be dressed up or down, as they did in this picture.
Perfectly embellished, in all the right places.

Embellished Daisy Chain Camisole- Shakuhachi (on Revolve)
Similar to the dress above, it looks great in white/ cream as well.

Elle Crochet Applique Dress- Vintage (on Shop Spanish Moss)
This dress isn't quite embellished, but it may as well be.
it has the same look to it, as the entire dress is flawlessly crocheted.

Similar Looks:

Embellished Lace Pant- Shakuhachi(on Free People)
Similar yet not, to the dresses above. These pants are unlike others i have ever seen.
Pair the sheer pants with lace trimmed shorts (like above) and the matching sleeveless shirt.
Great outfit. The two pieces are great together, and separate.
Embellished Daisy chain Crop Top- Shakuhachi (on Free People)
a more viewable imagine of the top, paired with the pants above. 

Daisy chain long skirt- Shakuhachi (on Revolve)
Without the jewelled aspect, this skirt is good it you don't feel like wearing the same thing from head to toe.
Layered with tight lace trimmed shorts. This skirt could be paired with much more than you would immediately assume.
A plain tank, lose t-shirt, even a sweater of the right fit.  

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