Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dazed and Confused

I was just thinking about a pair of my Tie Dyed J brands that were non-intentionally stowed away after an experience with my friend staring at my legs, seeming very confused, asking “…Uh, Ruth, Why are you wearing zebra legs?” Ha! Amazing how vivid a memory could be from 2 years ago. 
It was a good laugh, and it was a boy so I figured there was no need to take offence.

I recall, around mid November reading a post on Style by Kling, where she mentioned bringing out some tie dye this spring. And although when freezing cold, in the dead of winter it may not seem like it, spring is actually pretty soon. Most spring collections have been released already (just got back from shopping, they're pretty awesome!)

As for tie dyed jeans, I mean a sort of distressed looking tie dye, not crazy rainbow legs. 
You don’t want to fully look like you just came out of dazed an confused… although a little wouldn’t hurt.

Style by Kling

Style by Kling
This is the perfect example of what i mean by distressed tie dyed as apposed to crazy legs.

These are my 2 year old-forever stowed away- zebra legs, that i am very soon to be bringing back out.
and am very excited about it too. 
Current Elliott- The Skinny Tie-Dyed Jeans
i like the lighter tone tie dye, especially with the rips.
Reminds me of another pair i have.
J brand- Light Acid-Washed Distressed Jeans
This is the other pair i mentioned in the caption above.
These have been of good use for the past 2 years, i guess they have less of a zebra effect?

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