Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Showing Some Skin

My longing for a vacation is increasing the more I realize how nice it would be to get away from everything for a bit. Or a bit more than a bit…yeah. 
Sometimes vacation is the best therapy, considering its generally intertwined with shopping therapy and some sunbathing warm-weather therapy. It might be a bit early to start anticipating going to Costa Rica for March break, although how could you not look forward to such tropical-ness. 
Prepare for a serious photo diary, post trip.
But its quite adequate, I'd say, to get eager for the classic February long weekend trip to Florida.  ahhh, mid-term breaks are well needed.
Thinking about it, my mind was seduced into vehemently online searching, bathing suits.
Not that I was going to actually order any, just trying to get my mind in the right place.
The Local Swimsuit- By: Tavik
On Shop Nasty Gal

Cutout Crochet Swimsuit-By: Lisa Maree
In black- On Shop Nasty Gal
 I Find it ironic how sometimes wearing a one-peice can seem more scandelous than a bikini, yet its clearly covering more skin... weird.
Cutout Crochet Swimsuit-By: Lisa Maree
In Cream- On Shop Nasty Gal

Hang Ten Bikini-By: Tavik
On Shop Nasty Gal

Volcano Bikini-By: Tavik
On Shop Nasty Gal
Love Affair Lola Bandeau Bikini- By: L*space
On Shopbop

Crochet Side Bottoms-By: Acacia Swimwear
On Free People
American Apparel makes swimsuits in a very similar style to that of the top piece. I own one, light blue and beige striped.
I amazing how they make such a simple style look so non-simple.

Rio Caged Back Bandeau Bikini Top- By: Undrest
On Shopbop
I always mention my infatuation towards bright colors, so i like this bikini for obvious reasons. 

Tosca Delfino is one of my preferred designers, for swimwear. Seeing Tosca Delfino on then runway at LG Toronto Fashion week in the fall, was amazing. As mentioned in my Success post.

Tosca Delfino- On Runway at LG Toronto Fashion Week
The colors in this print are really nice, especially when put together. 

Mel- By: Tosca Delfino Print- Cover me in Sparrow 

Leta- By: Tosca Delfino
Print- Down Under
Normally high waisted swimsuits are very, not-so-flattering. But the different fabric on this seem to work well in making this style more... easily do-able.

Tosca Delfino- On Runway at LG Toronto Fashion Week

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