Thursday, January 26, 2012

Failure to Communicate

Its an odd thing, when you are phased with the ambiguity of how to do your makeup.
When brands such as Bobbi Brown are showing a nude eye shadow pallet, propped up next to a shocking bright blue and purple eye shadow pallet. Contradicting to say the least. 
Or when the new lip colors are showing, Bright pink, Bright red, and nude. It could be disorienting.
With no intention of implying this is the "right" way for it to be done, i have some insight on how to make good use of this.

Nude eye shadow pallets are lovely. A slim black liquid liner, line were your top lashes are embedded and mascara.  Depending on how well you can pull off the natural look, You could go without doing either.
 Paint on the color closest to your skin in the pallet to leave your entire lid with a flawless finish. 
Darken your eye brows, make them look thicker and fuller and more shapely by using eye shadow a few shades darker than your original color. 
Then go wild with your lips. As mentioned before, i prefer going bright Orange-Red.

Use a little mascara, potentially a thin liquid liner, line over your top lashes.
Then, use a shocking blue or purple or whichever other color you want, and boldly sweep it onto your lid. 
The same consistency throughout, i think looks best. Try to go without mixing colors (i know i find it hard too...)
Then go with a nude lipstick. Mate lip sticks are the best, Lancome has a great selection. 

Outremer- bright blue eye shadow
pago pago- lipstick
Bobbi Brown- Neons and Nudes collection
Beautiful  lip color called "Atomic Orange"

I just bought this pallet. Cannot go wrong with it.
Not to mention the brush it comes with is amazing.
I recommend this-Ultra Nude Eye Pallet
Although you can't really tell if she is wearing makeup, this is a good example of the bold eye brows.
As well, it is a good example of what the "nude" eye shadow look, should look like. 
and trust me i'm aware how it could be frustrating working with the 'natural' look, so sometimes i like to do mascara and a thick line on the top lid and nothing on the bottom, not even mascara. It sort of gives off that whole 'Marilyn Monroe' look. 
I love attempting to look like i just came out of a different time era.
Marilyn Monroe

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