Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Little Bit of Music

Jimi Hedrix- More Experience
The Beatles- Let it Be

Arcade Fire- The Funeral 
Lately I have been excessively enjoying music. Well, actually I have been my whole life, but now I’m more inclined to write about it. This will of course always be a fashion blog but why not switch it up a bit, and blog about some music, here and there.

I guess I could blame part of this infatuation on my premature, fetus of a record collection, that I am frighteningly way too excited about.
Consisting of only 3 records at the moment:
The Beatles- Let it Be
Jimi Hendrix- More experience
Arcade Fire- The funeral

I’m anticipating my jubilant reaction when finally finding and raiding, my dad’s old record collection.. Until then, Second hand record shopping is nearly right up there with second hand clothing shopping. 

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