Monday, January 9, 2012

Options Options...

Splurging is always enjoyable, of course. But to point out the obvious here, it is even better when the majority of the dresses you want miraculously happen to be on sale.
Who can turn down a good sale, right?

It was so lovely to see most of the dresses I had yearned for, on sale.
With no worry as to making the decision of which one to actually buy, I assumed it would all depend on how they fit. Too bad (or not, depending on how you look at it.) they all fit exactly how I wanted them to. Will a little hemming here and there, I could imagine them all being suitable.  
In such an overwhelming situation, my mom and I were unaware of what to do with all of the options. With a clouded mind we came to the illogical decision of buying just about all. 
Of course, once that decision sunk in a couple hours later, it was a whole other story…
It didn’t really help to narrow down the options.
I’m not complaining!

Any opinions?

Diane Von Furstenberg
The actual dress looks slightly different. Each sequin has a hint of black detail for an edgier overall look.
The back is interesting, where there would be a zipper it is just an open slit with a button at the top.
With the occasional exposure of the back, it makes this non-revealing dress, sexier.
(I secretly think i am going to end up wearing this one.) 
Robert Rodriguez- Colorblock Asymmetrical Silk Dress
I have blogged about this dress before so i have already gone on about it.
I love this dress but to wear it i wanted to hem the arms to make them cut lower.
Diane Von Furstenberg
Sorry about such terrible quality pictures, again.
i couldn't find the dress online so i had to take a picture with my cell phone in a (one again) terribly lit room.

obviously, the pictures do not do justice to this dress what so ever, but it is very beautiful and elegant on.
it fits nicely and the color is more-so of a peachy beige, than this grey beige it appears to be in this image.

This chain like detail in the hem makes the dress ridiculously unique.
i did a double take when i saw it on the rack.
the weight of this chain around the bottom, around the neckline, and on the sleeves makes the dress drape down beautifully.

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