Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Highly enjoyed experiencing what having a personal shopper felt like, when my mom ever so nicely went shopping and documented her night, by sending every picture of a relatively ‘Ruth- like’ dress that she came across.
Surprisingly, I have not yet ranted about how in need I am of a semi-formal dress, but this is the truth. Coming up in no less than 20 days is (finally) an occasion worth buying a dress for. Regarding the fact I don’t just go buy dresses every time I go shopping, im being really fussy with my choice.
This has been a serious process. Luckily I found a few backups.
When writing my All Bright Everything post yesterday, It managed to seduce myself into the desire of wearing a bright colored dress.
My mom sent me a number of dresses that perfectly fall under this category.
The fact they’re all outstanding doesn’t make the choice any easier.
Tomorrow I’m going to try them for myself, i guess it just comes down to the fit.

I would really love for input. Below are the pictures of potential choices.
Comments would be greatly appreciated. 

Bottega Veneta- Layered Silk-Chiffon Dress
This is very similar to the Robert Rodriguez dress i posted yesterday.
The material is so stunning and graceful looking, and the colors are amazing together.
Definitely a possibility.
I went onto a website online to find the name of this dress, and i stumbled upon another Bottega dress so strangely similar to the Robert Rodriguez one i posted. It was baffling. 
Either way they're both stunning. 

Emilio Pucci- 3 Colored Double Stretch Wool Dress
Typically i don't tend to navigate to Pucci.
Although lately i really like that 'wool' look for dresses, not to mention these colors are so fantastic and unique.
For sure worth a try. 

Diane Von Furstenberg
Although all the dresses in this picture are beautiful beyond words, I'm focusing on the green one.
If this dress fits well its number one.
I could just imagine this, just shapelessly hanging, paired with some massive, ridiculously high, clunky shoes.
Ahh, perfect.
Lastly, My mom spotted the Robert Rodriguez dress i blogged about yesterday.
She sent me a picture just for the sake of it. 
I must restate, look at how well these colors and this fabric goes together. 
This is a tough choice. 
Robert Rodriguez

Sometimes i worry about how serious i am, when it comes to deciding upon something like this...
Oh boy.


  1. The Diane Von Furstenberg is a MUST that will look STUNNING :)

  2. Thanks!
    i ended up buying that one along with 2 other, i'm pretty sure i'll end up wearing that one!