Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Denying Winter

Who really needs jackets anyways, right?
…Apparently I answered that question myself, when I was standing in the freezing cold earlier today, seriously considering my limbs may fall off from frost bite.
In an alternative world, where I could successfully ‘deny winter’ I would express my love for the following:

Pecoats- finding the perfect Pecoat is like… finding gold. They’re ridiculously flattering (for the most part) and somehow, always seem to look amazing, with everything. Too bad they’re not ‘Canadian goose feather’ insulated

Scarf’s- wool, silk and any other fabric you can think of. Every color, every pattern and every texture you desire, wrap it around your neck and your good to go. My favorite thing to do, on those days I just can’t find the right shirt to wear, simply cover that area up by throwing on a big colorful scarf!

Gloves- nothing too much, sleek tight old-fashioned looking, Generally suede or leather.

Socks- my newfound love for socks is out of control. Any shoe that can fit a sock in it… I will be wearing one. Every length, color and texture of socks, put them on your feet, and shove you feet into those ‘not so warm’ shoes.
Hmm… I was thinking, if you wore all the above at once, who needs those puffy, massive, style-less, too the floor, nun-like coats anyways?

Chloé- Coat in Double Crepe Wool
Spring 2012 Collection
As posted before, i felt the need to re-blog, as its well suitable for the perfect coat (not technically peacoat)

CÉLINE- Black Faux Leather Oversize Crombie
Spring 2012 Collection
Not falling under the 'Peacoat' category yet certainly falling under the 'perfect coat' category.
Zara- Double Breasted Marl Coat
Now, only if i had owned this, this winter.
The length and fit is flawless.
Waffle Knit Scarf- Taupe

Alexander McQueen- Skull-Print Silk-Chiffon Scarf
This notorious scarf has both edge, and class. Perfect combination.

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