Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Time To Win

SOO gyalss, for an upcoming party that is tomorrow, i have been asked by numerous people, time and time again "what should i wear?". well, the answer is quite simple the only way to WIN with your outfit, is not to play it safe, not pull the whole jeggings and white baggy T look. To BEAT everyone else my darling, you must follow this one simple rule. BE DIFFERENT. honestly, my favorite outfits are UGLY pieces of vintage old fashioned clothing, pulled of who really knows how and put together in a way that is so bizzar that it just somehow works. When i pick an outfit before trying it on,  i ask people what they think about it and when a repulsive look instantly swarms their face basically saying "may i ask... what the FUCK?" i simply know that its exactly what I'm going for. The greatest part is I'm not lying at all right now, you can really ask anyone. i like to live thinking ' if you think its ugly, than it looks exactly how i want it to'. Now of course this could be risky, but you just have to know what lines of ugly to go by. PLEASE understand I'm not asking you to leave your house in some frenzied red plaid skirt with a strawberry patterned shirt and pig tails because thats not the uh... "ugly" were going for here. I'm thinking something more along the lines of taking a risk and putt things together you would never have the guts to actually wear. Because its much better to be seen as someone who has the guts to show up in something so different than everyone else, that not one single person is wearing the same thing than to wear this one again. maybe for the 50th time? Naw 60th maybe? Don't get me wrong i don't dislike the t-shirt and jeans, but if your wanna win, your going to have to be a little bit more creative. Just think of CHAOTIC SANITY. ;)

Sorry if that was too confusing, for a little guidance to bring some
sensibility to what i'm saying here are some pictures of outfits that
don't work so much.. they just work.
 Balmain. Gotta love it.
mixing patterns, its crazy but if you can pull it off. you simply have to do it.
her arms look like animals. now who's willing to do that?

high waited PINK pants, beige top, silver bra, turquoise necklace.
but she still looks good

self explanatory. 
not even wearing pants... still looks fantastic
i own these and i don't think i can find one person who can say they like them, while keeping a straight face
thats how u know there good ;)

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