Friday, November 5, 2010

When the Men Are Busy With Football, it Leaves us Nothing, but More Time to SHOP

Ahhhhhh nothing better than having a casual drop in to new york right!?
sooo just so happens my brothers and dad are going to.. boston? baltimore? who really caress. fFor some football game. That leaves me and my mom, uninvited, left to clean the house and cook? WRONG. If they can go away on a random weekend in november for a football game, then we sure as shit can go to NEWYORK on some random weekend in november RIGHT. Cman its only fair. So tomorrow morning i have to wake up BRIGHT AND EARLY, 6 o'clock darlinggs. And normally id be dreading this right now probably already getting ready for bed  (take note its not even 6pm). But nope , im completlyyy fine that i have to wake up when the flipping farmers do tomorrow morning. Because i know that what comes next consists of me jumping on a plane to arrive in NewYork 1 hour later.
ahhh sounds like
The city where people DO NOT REST until they have found the perfect pair Christian Louboutins, or the perfect fitting fur throw over.
Yep, tomorrow i'm LITERALLY going to shop until i drop (excuse the overused saying, but its true)
And seeing as ill be on a plane tomorrow morning , cant make breakfast at tiffany. But who said we cant still do lunch at Barneys? mmmmmm just thinking about it.
I should probably go get some sleep, don't want to be tired ;) Got a long day ahead.

But i was suggested to make a blog post when i get back with pictures of some things i bought. I THINK ITS PRETTY CLEVER. So be expecting that sometime next week as soon as i get the time.
mmmmm CHAOTIC SANITY it is.

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