Thursday, November 11, 2010

If You Think Diamonds Are Precious, Get A Taste Of Balmain

Soooooo, on my lovely expedition through New York i visited manyyy of there UNREAL department storess.
theree wass sackss barneys blooming dales and bergdorf. let me tell you, the department stores in New York are like the size of a MALL here. Each have anywhere from 4 to 7 floors of mens childrens womens shoes and even dogs for that matter. Think about that? all these stores, could you EVEN imaagineeeeeeeee how much clothes they all have? how MUCH stuff they have to choose from? Just take a second to imagine.
 Yup, there really was that much, its not just your imagination. all those clothes and so little time. Its impossible to see all the brands nevermind all the clothes. i have to say though, in every single store i went into, the small brand Balmain always caught my eye. on a floor full of  great makes, example, Elizabeth and James, Rag and Bone, Alexander Wang, Joie, Theory, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, Proenza Schouler (bags), Helmut Lang, honestly stop me because i can go on forever. But anyways, on a floor with ALL those makes, i always found myself in the little corner marked "Balmain" looking at the very limited collection the stores would carry. why is this? because, it is so unique, and well put together, you'll catch its shimmer from miles away. YES its shimmer, being dead serious each and every piece of clothing, or i should call it a piece of art, it magnificently put together with every detail exactly in its places down to the last milli meter. for instance they had a outstanding army jacket with high pinned shoulders and shoulder pads. the material was perfectly stiff yet perfectly broken in. every little rip tassel or tear was the perfect size in the perfect place. and every shoulder was perfectly crystal encrusted. like i said, as delicate and precious or even more, than a beautiful rare yellow diamond. Not to mention it might as well been a diamond once you see these prices. the jacket sold roughly around $16,000.00. there was a gorgeous ripped plain purple t-shirt selling for just over $1,000.
well that gets you thinking, who in the right mind would ever spend that much money on something they could make themselves. you really have to appreciate the clothes and the designer to spend so much, but once u see this line, you cant turn it down. now my new life long goal is to firstly buy this straight tight yet not fitted, sequined long 3 quarter sleeved high pinned shoulder padded blue dress, and secondly have the balls to wear it. i know, i would normally NEVER go for a sequined dress but this one is so fantastically put together it the furthest thing around from tacky.
well im sure your dying to see what this line looks like so below ive put pictures (with the price just for an idea of how valuable they are). hope you find this same new appreciation as i did! AND THAT IS WHAT I CALL CHHAOOTIICCC SANNIITYY I TELL YAAAAA

the feather cape- $7,555
perfectly designed

suede dress-$10,085
high pinned shoulders are great

military jacket- $6,285
shoulder pads are fantasic on this

the detail in each button

brocade dress- $21,250
the gold detail is perfect

embriodered destroyed dress- $11,185

speaks for itself

I don't have a price for this, but they
managed to make a low front yet
still keep the dress looking classy. it fits amazingly.


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