Sunday, November 21, 2010

WINTER-- Bears Hibernate. Never Said Your Clothes Have To!

Yes, it did snow this morning, and yes this does mean its winter. this means good bye fall, leaves, and perfect temperature and hello winter, snow, and the freezing cold. fall is my favorite season, at least for fashion that is and it just seems to fly by so quick. i feel like i didn't even have a chance to wear half the clothes i had planned, don't you agree? so i did some thinking, there must be a solution to this chaos. and the only thing i came up with was... yes, of course its an indication to bring out our winter wardrobe. but they never said we had to put away the fall one, did they?
caught on yet?
if not what I'm getting at is MIX IT UP A LITTLE.  i don't see a handbook titled "Fashion Rules" anywhere do you?
no I'm not technically telling you to put on a typical fall outfit, with full on colors and everything, although i would admire that, great way to make a statement. I'm saying just mix and match it up a bit. who said you couldn't pair your beige cargo's with maybe a great pair of moccasins? because your sure as hell not going to be wearing snow pants and moon boots.. lemme tell ya. The truth is, people wont even notice your not in a winter outfit, you'll just look slightly more fashionably intellectual than everyone else ;) Cman im telling ya, show a little CHAOTIC SANITY!!!

If your someone who really likes winter clothes though (to be honest there starting to grow on me) some looks I'm really liking are thick tights, be a little different and don't just wear black leggings. as well as i like seeing a nice thick high sock being worn. sorta giving the leg warmer effect but not so 1960's. the other day i went to urban outfitters and went straight upstairs into the mens section, i bought this wicked super big super thick navy blue cardigan, it goes for the whole ex-boyfriend look like i mentioned in an earlier blog post (read it!). so this winter you could really go for the whole, big warm grandpa sweater look. if you pair it with the right things it'll look fantastic.

some pictures of winter styles i like:

the white fur and brown leather look so good together
vintage fur jacket. its fantastic. (i like the leather pants too, as well as the platform shoes)
festive AND fur. not much more to ask for.
Not to mention DO YOU SEE THOSE SHOES!?!?!?! 

hat, high boots, long dress, long coat. i don't even need to explain this one
look at the pants FANTASTIC! be festive. 
the color of the dress is perfect for winter (notice those shoes are fall colors,  STILL WORKS!)
I'm really liking the fur jacket, just go for it.
(again notice the dress most likely came from the fall closet)

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