Monday, November 1, 2010

F is for FALL...and for fashion

While many people are dreading over cold weather arriving and the nice warm summer leaving, i think of it as the perfect season for DRESSING. Ask me my favorite season, and ill say fall WITHOUT A QUESTION. its by far the greatest weather to dress for. The cold weather is nothing more but and indication to put away your jean shorts and tank-tops and bring out the cargos and sweaters. CMAN how could you not love an excuse to take out the circle scarves and high boots once again. Its the perfect season, the colors compliment everyone. greens, browns, reds, golds, oranges and beige is impossible to dislike! and the weather is perfect for a nice jacket to complete the outfit but not cover it up like a big bulky Canada Goose Coat. Not to mention the makeup for this season is great for green and brown eyes.
these are some amazing outfits that will change your mind about fall ;)
the drapey look is great for fall

just because its cold doesn't mean ya cant be exposed!! try sheer
i like this skirt with the velvet blazer. mix lace and velvet!

this jacket would make any outfit look time consuming. (did you even realize she's just wearing a white shirt with black pants?)

(best for green or brown eyes- brown or dirty blonde hair)

just because its not summer doesn't mean you cant be tan! this is by far the greatest product to enhance your cheek bones.
the gold with a pink tint will be perfect for cheek bones in fall!
go for PLUM instead of plain black

use brown eye liner, its more subtle and brings out your eyes! perfect for fall.

the gold tint will look amazing! try going for heavy pinks with a gold undertone
these are the EXACT colors to be wearing in fall. try it and your eyes will LITERALLY POP.

chaotic sanity?

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